PPA Embarks on Town Hall Tour

by , May 16, 2012 | 12:20 pm

I have some exciting news to share. PPA is kicking off the PPA Town Hall meeting tour this month. PPA Director of Grassroots and External Affairs Drew Lesofski and I will be traveling to various cities across the country to meet with the poker community, to hear your concerns and answer your questions in person, and to share all that PPA is doing.

The kickoff will be in Tampa, FL, on May 23rd, followed by a Fort Lauderdale, FL town hall on the 24th. We will be joined by poker coach and mindset expert PPA FL State Director Donna Blevins (PokerMindsetAcademy.com). Aside from great discussion, as an added bonus Donna will offer a one-hour complimentary poker training session! So, I hope everyone in the area will join us for a great evening.

On the advocacy front, as the fight for poker rights continues on Capitol Hill and in statehouses across our great nation, it is imperative that we all keep up the pressure on our lawmakers to ensure that they know we want and expect our rights as poker players to be respected. You received an email yesterday encouraging you to meet with your Congressman over the Memorial Day recess (here). I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to make yourself heard one-on-one with your elected representative. Can I count on you to participate?

Speaking of ensuring we are heard, the Senate Indian Affairs Committee Facebook page recently banned many poker enthusiasts from posting on their page. As we poker enthusiasts have business before that committee and as all posts there were respectful and courteous, I was outraged by this attack on our right to freedom of speech as well as our right to petition government for redress of grievances – rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. I sent the Committee an email requesting an explanation for this action. Many other poker supporters wrote them as well as part of the Poker Daily Action Plan. I am pleased to report that the Committee reinstated all previously banned posters and is again allowing posts advocating for legislation to license online poker. As you can see, we are being heard. For more information, please check out the story here.

Speaking of taking action, I hope everyone will continue to do just that. Please visit theppa.org/takeaction today!

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