Video of Korean Monks Playing Poker

by , May 16, 2012 | 9:45 pm

Here it is — the poker game that has caught more attention worldwide than the latest from Isildur1 or Shaun Deeb or whoever it is who keeps winning all the poker these days:

FWIW, this video confirms my belief that the NYT and other mainstream media probably miscalculated the stakes … you tell me, are these guys sitting on the floor playing for $850k or more like $900. If it’s the former, then damn, they sure do have a Zen approach to money … and where’s Phil Ivey?

(These guys should totally play online.)

Gambling is illegal everywhere in South Korea (even on hotel room floors) except for one casino that happens to be the site of the new APPT-Seoul.

3 Comments to “Video of Korean Monks Playing Poker”

  1. Phoenixphreak

    There are actually a number of casinos in at least Seoul and Busan. But they are all only for foreigners.

  2. Dan Michalski

    Ahh, thanks for the clarity and correction. My bad for going off what the TV lady said, especially after writing about how the NYT effed up a key fact.

  3. Mike

    ¬†They learned how to play from Andy “The Monk” Black