WSOPotty Break?

by , May 31, 2012 | 3:39 am

This was an easy one to predict. It’s still too early in the 2012 WSOP for investigators to conclusively determine what was behind Urinalgate. Was it a simple oversight, boys-club misogyny, or just an early-Series example of the heartless Caesars corporate empire at work, with suits looking at bottom line numbers — well fuck, women are only 3 percent of the field, so what’s the problem? — and forgetting that customers are more than just numbers in a database.

(And some of whom can get downright pissy on Twitter!)

rio ladies bathroom wsop las vegas

Two men enter, one man leave.

The team from Caesars Interactive Entertainment, in alliance with the Rio Convention Center, reverted back to a separate but equal bathroom policy after an early morning executive confab yesterday. Nice spin about how responsive they can be. But did any of you go in the formerly ladies room? I did (how could I not? It was a chance to see part of the Rio that I had never seen) and I can tell you this wasn’t a hard decision for the WSOP. IF you took a pee in there (the left side) it became an obvious no-brainer as the men who walked into the ladies room, myself included, wandered toward the back only to briefly think, “Huh, where are the urinals?”

Oh right, women’s room, duh.

And with that also came the realization of how absolutely disgusting these toilet seats (and surrounding floor space?) would become in the absence of porcelain walls to piss on, making this previously nicer bathroom the last place anyone would want to sit … and thus easy to give back to the ladies.

What event are you here for, #1 or #2?

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