Quick Peak at a WSOP Exotics Sheet

by , Jun 27, 2012 | 3:06 am

In case you hadn’t seen it yet … here’s one of the betting sheets available in the Caesars sportsbooks for morning wagering on WSOP Final Table-days. You’ll notice the rule at the bottom, which says you can’t bet on yourself. And though a Caesars casino should be able to track this via a player’s Total Rewards cards, stopping it from happening seems about as effective as stopping people from using their cell phones in a sportsbook.

Rio WSOP Sportsbook Betting Sheet

Why don’t they offer parlays? That’s where the real money in rigging a couple outcomes would come!

Neato. But I gotta wonder what will be more important in the future — these wagers, or the ability to show live-streaming video with hole cards. And if you can’t have both … what does this mean for the future of betting on skill games like America’s Got Talent?

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  1. PokerStars.com

    Betting on Betting is always a very interesting way to go.
    Maybe less betting on betting in poker, more like betting on skill.

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