Blogger Battle Revisited

by , Jun 28, 2012 | 7:44 pm

The second running of the Battle of the Bloggers on FaceUp Gaming is Saturday, June 30 at noon PT. To play, just click here and use the bonus code “Pokerati” when you sign up. True invitational freeroll — no charge to play, no credit card to enter, and the tournament is open only to followers of Alcanthang, Ante Up, Pocket Fives, Pokerati, Dr. Check Raise, and THPT … so you have to attach yourself to one of the above.

Tournament name: Bloggers Only
Password: battle2

Top 20 finishers get prizes — ranging from an iPad for 1st to sundry clothing swag to points that leave you eligible for future tournaments … and oh yeah, don’t forget Blue Shark Optics. They also have some poker books by Tom McEvoy as prizes, which may or may not be a way for the perennial Hall of Fame bridesmaid to empty his garage.

We didn’t exactly do very well last time — I’m claiming technical difficulties and you can’t prove otherwise without a subpoena! — so I’m hoping for a better showing this go-round. Let’s collude on video with Team AlCantHang! show those nerds from Pocket 5s who’s boss! Arrrghh, yeah, poker poker poker POKER!! A game where bullies can still be winners, too.

Again, play here, play now. And it would be really cool if you told them Pokerati is your favoritest blog i the whole wide poker world — super duper cool if you doing so while giving a subscription membership a go. 14-day free trials still available.

Did you know Barack Obama uses an iPad?

One Comment to “Blogger Battle Revisited”

  1. Holdemag

    Face up Gaming is a joke. I would not recommend it. The disconnections yesterday were ridiculous. During the tourney full tables were disconnected multiple times. At the final table I was disconnected 4 times along with others. The server for the site couldn’t handle the 400 people on it. My advice: Find a better option.

    Dan: Never limp k6 on the button lol. Fold or raise.