Fouled Deck in Pokerati PLO Game

by , Jun 7, 2012 | 1:32 pm

Talk about shenanigans … like a raucous old-school reality show reunion, the Pokerati game re-emerged with fireworks last night — making its first appearance during the 2012 WSOP and first showing at the new CantorGaming poker room at the Palms. The 1/2 NLH/PLO action quickly turned into a big, drinky 1/2/5 all-PLO, compliments of @TheMark and his G-Vegas crew.

All fine and dandy until one rather big hand revealed a little more than a flopped set at showdown:

Funny to see all the cameras whipped out around the table as players and the dealer alike realized something was amiss. And as the floor and dealer backed up the massive pot to effectively declare a misdeal, the cameras upstairs musta been going ape-shit, one poker room official told me.

This was not the first time a Pokerati-ish Game has seen something like this …

At the 2004 Pokerati Invitational (holy fugk, 2004!) two 6-of-diamonds appeared in the same hand — one on the flop, one on the turn. Drama ensued upon the realization that we had been playing with a fouled deck for at least 20 minutes.

Tangential aside, this way old-school look at Pokerati from the super-deep archives shows the first federally convicted felon amongst Pokerati players … in the one-seat, Robert Eon Marshall, who would bubble that tournament, and later get sentenced to 10 years in prison for being, essentially a crooked online poker affiliate. He should be eligible for parole pretty soon, actually.

Anyhow, nothing to do with nothing … just reminiscing about the perception of dirty poker and the reality of sloppy poker rearing its ugly head during the most festive of times.

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