More Pros Patch up with Team Face Up

by , Jun 14, 2012 | 2:18 am


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    Face Up Gaming has two new pros representing us at the World Series of Poker.  Welcome Miami John Cernuto and Vince Burgio to the team! Both pros are WSOP bracelet winners.

    Also, throughout the WSOP tournaments, we are sharing a booth with Blue Shark Optics. Our very own Tournament Director and Poker Pro Bonnie Leinhos will be there, so make sure you go say hi!


    There will be tournaments listed as “Sunglasses”.  You will be playing for a beautiful pair of Blue Shark Optic Sunglasses as displayed at the World Series and an official sponsor of the WSOP.  Get your very own sunglasses that the pros wear and start testing them out in Face Up’s daily tournaments!


    We want to congratulate May’s Grab a Grand Winner. Congratulations to William (billm) on being May’s winner. Remember there are chances to qualify every day, so keep playing!


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    3 Comments to “More Pros Patch up with Team Face Up”

    1. Scott Diamond

      Kerry from BlueSharkOptics gave me a pair of sunglasses to wear while playing. I have always worn sunglasses at the table, not to be cool but I watch others as they paly and don’t want them to know im watching every move. These glasses even brighten up the table their amazing. If you wear sunglasses when you play these are the best.

    2. Tony

      all tha bs. faceup poker dont pay a scam

    3. Dan Michalski

      for real? says who? i was just hearing from some people yesterday that they just got “paid”. someone you know get stiffed?