World Series of Slots?

by , Jun 18, 2012 | 2:15 pm

The future is all about real-money slot machines. That’s my not-so-new position and I’m sticking to it — especially after some intense battles of Words with Friends gave me a glimpse of who’s spending money to get slot customers.

Check it out … two competing ads currently appearing on Zynga’s free version of Words with Friends …

words with friends ad for wsop slots Zynga Slots Promo

The left one is for Playtika’s SlotoMania — the software for which Caesars paid some $90 million. The one on the right is the slots game WWF players actually might go play. Of course, how effective either marketing campaign is remains to be seen. Caesars might want to note that the fractional percentage of Words players who actually shell out real money do so to get no ads … therefore their most likely conversions will never see the above banner that could be used as an example of a shitty advertising for marketing students. Boy doesn’t Slot-o-Mania look like fun?!?

Interestingly, Slot-o-mania is the main game the WSOP is promoting this year. They’ve got prime signage all over the Amazon Room … and perhaps surprising perhaps not, social media-ers may notice the WSOP has essentially abandoned the WSOP Facebook game and iphone app — the too-fancy-for-their-own-good game that couldn’t pull me away from Zynga no matter how many chip bonuses they offered! Though I haven’t confirmed this yet, you can only presume their making a new one with EA, as in Electronic Arts — one of the few brand loyalties I’ve ever had in life … and clearly interested in getting into gambling spaces.

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