Re: The Ultimate Who’s Who of Poker

by , Jul 1, 2012 | 8:03 pm

We’ve gotta move on from all this talk of Black Friday, I know … it was nearly a year and a half ago, and we’ll be hearing about its cases moving forward in various capacities probably for another 2+ years.n But if the million-dollar buy-in tournament without certain people does indeed kick off a new era in poker — a hypothesis I’m currently formulating from the mothership — then consider this a farewell to economic powerhouses in the industry who suddenly aren’t, as you can tell by their absence.

The question’s in the subhed … Who would probably be playing in a million-dollar buy-in tournament (who currently is not) were this tournament being held in 2010? I’ll start off with whom I’d put on my list … we’re gonna presume the cap wouldn’t be at 48 either … 64 maybe, or 72 or even 96, but we can start there — on assumption without fact that the WSOP woulda made this thing a little bigger had they counted on the likes of:

Howard Lederer
Andy Bloch
Chris Ferguson
Full Tilt Qualifier and/or PokerStars Qualifier
Tony G
Doyle Brunson
Scott Tom (?)

Who else? Am I forgetting anyone? I don’t think Ray Bitar woulda played because even though he did still spend time in the US in 2010, he didn’t do so so publicly. Maybe Barry Greenstein and Annie Duke? Barry Shulman perhaps? David Williams? Dan Fleyshman? Tiffany Michelle?

It’s hard to look in the inverse crystal ball and guess, but I think you can be pretty sure of all the ones listed on the list list. Jungleman doesn’t make it because he’d was underage back then.

Of course back in 2010 I think we thought every pro carried around a spare million dollars.

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