Who Advanced to Day 2?

by , Jul 9, 2012 | 3:31 pm

We’re still waiting for the magic number — as of press time registration is still open for another TK minutes — that will predictably show the WSOP on a continued growth path even without any non-Ironic Full Tilt gear in play, and PokerStars sending supposedly just eight qualifiers. I mean sure they have their pros and a big-time tennis guy, but eight is significantly down from previous Stars-WSOP numbers closer to 2,000. Must be because this year there Snoop Dogg was busy.

So yeah, the WSOP has a list of players advancing from their respective Day 1s onto a Day 2. If they’re on this list they made it. If they’re not, sorry. Bad beat.

Day 1A, Day 1B
Day 1C (coming soon!)

The following people are friends of ours or just pros we like who advanced and are currently being vetted to see if they could become eligible for the brand-new Pokerati patch overlay should they have enough chips once we get near the money.

Whoop! Way to go …

Tom Schneider
Wendeen Eolis
Karina Jett
Andrew Chud

OK, you know what … never mind … sorry, but too many names, too many interesting people and storylines, too many friends I might accidentally leave out still alive, all with varying chipstacks. Too friggin early to waste your time or mine and alphabetize … and too tempting to spend my days cutting and pasting legally unprotectable data from WSOP.com.

The “brand new Pokerati patch overlay” is still in play, obv. Who will be the winner!?! GL to all especially the players yet to be named.

Day 2, of course, is all about jockeying for position at the real-tournament Day 3 start-gate.

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