DonkDown Radio

by , Aug 24, 2012 | 9:00 am

Matthew Wright from Bitcoin Magazine joins me at the top of the hour to discuss his 10k BTC bet on the legitimacy of Pirateat40, a man I believe is running the huge Ponzi scheme and other bitcoin topics. The DonkDown newsteam assembles with newsgirl Saramar and Pokerati Dan getting the degenerate public up to date about gaming laws and news. Crazier Mike and I have what he calls “our best conversation yet” and he will never read this because he does not own a computer. This and moar if you click play right now! shout to Badguy23 baby!! Read u blind son.

[audio:|titles=DonkDown Radio: Bitcoin Magazine Matt’s 10k BTC bet on Pirateat40 Ponzi, Poker is Skill (it wasn’t just bad luck all these years) & Crazier Mike|autostart=no]

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