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Josh Hale

Today’s Boxscore

Josh Hale $500,000 – WPT Legends Main Event
Terrence Chan $34,437 – Canada Poker Open Heads Up
Marc Wilson $24,511 – $1,000 Canada Poker Open NLH
Michael Frazin $130,505 – Summer Splash Main Event

The WPT Legends final table at the Bicycle Casino should make for some fun TV with Jeff Madsen, Greg “FBT” Mueller, Max Steinberg, and Ali Eslami all in the mix. More so if Madsen brought up some of his nutball opinions, even if he was only there for a little while. Madsen out in 6th, Full Blown Tilt out in 5th, Ali Eslami out in 4th, so thank the heavens Max Steinberg stayed alive long enough to make it a little entertaining.

It still lacked the greatest of the Will Failla final table/win at last year’s event.

On the other side of the country, Michael Frazin was the last player standing at the end of the Hard Rock Seminole Summer Smash main event. The delayed, moved, un-guaranteed tournament drew a respectable 198 entries despite Tropical Storm Isaac threatening the state.

Link Dump

Defense Request for Status Conference – It seems the lawyers for Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and Rafe Furst also noticed the court ruling last week saying poker is a game of skill. They are now jumping up and down saying “look, look, look!”.

2012 Republican Platform (PDF format) – I rarely mix politics and poker, the game doesn’t rate very high in getting my vote aside from freedom infringement. I prefer to concentrate on pressing issues such as the economy, healthcare, etc but it’s worth noting the GOP’s Platform statement includes “We support the prohibition of gambling over the Internet” hidden among it’s 50 odd pages.

Math, Game Theory Can Help A Gambler’s Strategy, Study Says – The Huffington Post is a pile of crap from both a technical and creative standpoint, but a lengthy game theory post which showed up in their science section grabbed my attention including a pre-theft interview with Chris Ferguson. I’m sure the author was paid a few pennies for the effort.

Inside Warren Buffett’s Private Poker Game – Poker found it’s way into another main stream publication, this time it’s an article on Forbes talking about mega-money manager Warren Buffett’s poker tournament with such cringe worthy lines like “Texas Hold ‘Em is nothing more than a betting and bluffing game, and tournaments like this appeal to the same primal instincts as in an ancient battle royale, combated via brains and daring” and “I flopped three sevens, with a pair hidden, enticing Mayers to throw in most of his pot”.

The Straddle: Special EPT Barcelona Edition – Kristy Arnett and a behind the scenes look at EPT Barcelona.

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