DNC Platform: No Comment on Online Poker

by , Sep 5, 2012 | 4:00 pm

The PPA’s Rich Muny (left) with Gary Johnson — not just some Libertarian crackpot, but rather a successful two-term governor and creator of a 1,000-employee construction company.

Last week, I broke the news that the 2012 Republican Party Platform includes a plank advocating a national prohibition on online poker. I am pleased to report that reaction has been strong. Many poker players and supporters let GOP leadership know just how they feel about this attack on our game. I obviously condemn this plank without reservation and I know we will all continue to make ourselves heard on this important issue, through Election Day and beyond.

Yesterday, PPA learned that the 2012 Democratic Party Platform is silent on the issue of online poker. While clearly far better than advocacy for a ban, I think they missed a golden opportunity to reach out to America’s poker players and supporters in what is sure to be a very close election.

Let’s all continue to do our part to let all of our elected representatives know where we stand!

Gov. Gary Johnson Returns to the Poker Advocacy Webcast

The only pro-poker candidate in the presidential election, Libertarian nominee former Gov. Gary Johnson, has actively reached out to the poker community. Last year, he met with poker players at the PPA World Series of Poker® booth. I had him on my webcast, Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny, at that time as well.
With impeccable timing, I will have Gov. Johnson back on the program next Monday evening (9/10) at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT for what is sure to be a great discussion! Listen at www.ontiltradio.com/ppa.

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