Texas Fixin’ to Introduce Legalize Poker Bill

by , Dec 17, 2012 | 2:46 pm

Will this finally be the year? That seems to be the question we ask every year federally, and every other year (for no more than six months) in the state of Texas. But there is a process, and glad to see the notion of legalizing Texas Hold’em as a skill game (worthy of being played for big money in all sorts of different places?) will be part of the legislative conversation in Austin for 2013.


At least that seems to be the plan, with Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin) pushing the Poker Gaming Act of 2013. House Bill 292. Have only skimmed through it so far myself … (and we know how early drafts can dramatically change) … but on quick glance noticed:

  • Calls for designation of poker as a game of skill, unlike the lottery.
  • Asks to be regulated by the Texas Lottery Commission.
  • Excludes “online poker” from things the bill is trying to legalize (along with “blackjack, hearts, pinochle, rummy, video poker, or Asian card games such as Pai Gow.”)
  • Calls for crackdown on illegal poker rooms.

We’ll see what this bill becomes and where it goes … as well as who’s fighting the good fight for your poker interests in Texas.

In the meantime if you’re from Texas, have you signed the petition yet to put matters of casino gambling in the hands of voters?

Session starts January 8.

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