Tiltbook and SuperNova Elite from $150 in just eight months?

by , Dec 9, 2012 | 11:25 am

Every poker player dreams of getting a PokerStars’ SuperNova Elite status at some point of their career as it provides the best VIP treatment in whole online poker industry. Most of the players, however, will never reach this point as the both bankroll and skill requirements for such a journey are simply way too high.

In order to get SuperNova Elite, one is supposed to earn 1million VPP which effectively means playing 51k $100 6-max hyper turbo sit & gos or alebo 1,9 milion hands of 6-max NL200, all in just one year.

Slovak player known as “MASUR0N1KE” has taken the challenge of  reaching SNE to the next level as in May he decided to earn the required amount point using a starting bankroll as low as $150 grinding 6-max hyper turbos and 6-max hyper turbos only. Interestingly enough, “MASUR0N1KE”  has never played this format on PokerStars before nor his VIP status ever reached SuperNova. And if that was not enough, there is also a strict bankroll condition involved according to which he always has to have at least 100 buy-in his cashier for any given limit, otherwise he has to step down to lower stakes.

Now, at the beginning of December, after 7 months of hard grinding, “MASUR0N1KE” can be daily seen playing the highest possible stakes (buy-ins $100 & $200) as his bankroll passed the $50,000 mark earning stunning 680,000 VPPs in the process.

“MASUR0N1KE” post daily updates, graphs as well as his feelings and thoughts regarding his challenge on TiltBook.com, new social network created by this player himself.

What is TiltBook.com?

Freshly renewed social network TiltBook.com was designed specifically for poker player so that you do not have to bother friends that simply do not care with your poker swings or worry about those who regard poker as pure gambling.

When we say TiltBook, we mean poker players and their rises, falls,  posts, comments, sharing their poker lives and a place to find new friends who are like them and think like them as well as a chance to follow interesting players from all around the world like “MASUR0N1KE”.

After a short registration process there is a guide that will help you get around TiltBook and do the first steps such as suggesting you some interesting players to follow, filling out your profile, setting a profile picture and posting your very first status on TiltBook. Your activity on the site is also rewared with ranking points and we are planning on adding prizes for our higher ranked users.

For instance, it only takes Rank 1 to get access to our special freerolls so do not hesitate and join TiltBook today!

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