Charity Poker Weekend

by , Jan 24, 2013 | 10:30 am

Every so often poker players should give something back to ease the take take take mentality. I’m pretty sure that’s why the charity tournament was invented.

So if you’re in an altruistic mood this weekend and looking to feel good about your game, there’s the $125 buy-in Ante 4 Autism event at Golden Nugget this Sunday, January 27. Cards go in the air at 7 p.m. ante4autism-logo

The tournament benefits Autism Speaks, a real charity that preeminent Vegas poker hostess Karina Jett says is “very dear to my heart.”

“In the United States, autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed now in one in 88 children and one in 54 boys,” says Doug Krinsky, the event founder.

The first 100 players will receive an free T-shirt and Autism Speaks pin. The top five finishers receive special prizes — including a queen-size gel-infused memory foam bed set, and a leather recliner — while the winner gets a plaque, cash prize (which he may or may not choose to donate back to the charity) and warmth around his heart.

“The Golden Nugget has welcomed our event with open arms and we hope to announce shortly other professional poker players that will be joining us as well,” co-host Scott Graham said.

In the previous four years, this tournament has raised a total of $46,014, including a record $22,239 last year. Find more information about Ante 4 Autism at the Golden Nugget here.

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3 Comments to “Charity Poker Weekend”

  1. sevencard2003

    if she really cared about autism, she would be there as a friend or help me out in some way, maybe even with getting a dr who i could see without needing to apply for govt assitance first to pay for it. since i too make my living playing poker, have autism and am too broke to do anything to help myself. autism means so little to her shes never even read my blog. a lot of rich pros just like to make themself look good.

  2. Dan Michalski

    woe is you, dude. that’s a big statement to a) declare a working pro “rich”, and b) to claim someone doesn’t care simply because they don’t read your blog — one that you don’t even have a link to in your comment.

    so because you didn’t get insurance, she should help you out personally instead of giving to a legitimate charity? i’m trying to understand your point, but i’m just not following any of your argument other than you are unhappy because it is difficult to get the help you need?

  3. sevencard2003

    i figured a link to my blog wasnt needed, as famous and well known as it is with over 530,000 hits. can be found easily all over google search, twitter, 2p2, etc. its Would be really surprised if uve not sat at the same table as me at least once in vegas. So many haters in there posting daily about all the dumb things i do due to autism. to me anyone making a lot more than me is “rich”. and since i now have almost no bankroll anymore, im only winning not much more than $300 a week instead of the $100 a day i used to win at $1-2 NL back when that was all i played instead of $2-6 spread here at samstown.

    i have no money to pay drs, and am afraid of getting in trouble if i try to get govt assistance or medical care because i cant verify any income yet if i claim i have none, they will say well how do u pay rent? so i cant lie, not as famous as my blog is and all the haters i have. i just think its best to help out others 1 on 1 instead of telling them to go sign up for welfare and let the govt help u instead. and i need a dr to diagnose me so i can get a disabled bus pass to save money. back when i used to get ssi before i got cut off when i hit a jackpot, i shouldve got this taken care of then. my mother in KS did it all for me back then, and now is OLD and refuses to help since i wont return to ks because i dont want to go to a little town in the middle of nowhere.

    i just find it odd why if she cares about autism, shes never had any interest in the life story of a guy with autism (aspergers) whose only income is from poker, especially as hard a struggle as its been since my roll dropped so low. No one else would dream of continuing to try to grind with this little money.

    yet my cell phone records show i clear $11 an hour long term if i ever could afford to get back in the $1-2 NL games with a decent starting roll of $4000 or so. certainly aint no losing player. i only couldnt control myself of my other gambling habits outside of poker, and they got the best of me.