Canadian Senate Betting Update

by , Feb 16, 2013 | 10:29 am

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about the Bill C-290 winding its way through the Canadian Senate. This is the proposed amendment to the Criminal Code that would allow, among other things, single event sports betting. Fears were expressed in some quarters about the measure falling off the Senate’s order paper (the Senate’s agenda of currently pending business) and what that might mean.

As expected, the matter is not off the order paper. Senator Linda Frum spoke to the matter on February 12th. A transcript of her remarks is here. (It won’t surprise anyone knowing my views on C-290 that I found her comments unconvincing, but readers should decide for themselves.) As a result, the ‘count’ of the number of days before the Senate Rules provide that C-290 slides off the order paper was reset. The standing orders for the next sitting day — February 26th — show a new count of two days on C-290. Remember that the Senate Rules provide that an item of other business must be acted on within 15 sitting days or it drops off the order paper.

This won’t get wrapped up quickly, but I’m still bullish on eventual passage.

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