Vegas Grinders: Poker Staycation

by , Mar 22, 2013 | 8:45 am

Crap. Free hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip, and I left my bathing suit at home.

The Wynn Classic wraps up, and so does Erick Lindgren’s brief flirtation with redemption. (LOL-ouch on the bubble.) Likewise, Multi Action Poker is out @AriaPoker (like we knew it would be) but Phil Ivey is in — making a not-so-regular stop to play behind his namesake glass walls. Meanwhile, as Nevadans, we begin to think about playing online again, starting with some online satellite freerolls at … while Dave enjoys a free room at Bally’s — a nice perk for a man hoping to hit it with a bad beat jackpot!

Over @CLVPoker, Hoops and Hold’em is underway; Andrew laments that the one tournament he won has been discontinued. While there may or may not be an upside to being forcibly undefeated, seriously, how-TF do you remove a heads-up bracket tourney from a seasonal series created around March Madness?

Semi-related … can you believe it’s almost pool season?

All that and more in another jam-packed, rip-roarin’ episode of every Vegas local’s favoritisimo new podcast …

Vegas Grinders 1.6
[audio: /VegasGrinders/VG20130320.mp3]

3 Comments to “Vegas Grinders: Poker Staycation”

  1. Paul

    Your thoughts on PH’s On the Mezz tourneys Mar 27-31. Vene starts another DSE just a month after last one, Mar 28-Apr 24. Then Vene starts yet another DSE for 60 days with 4 events starting all but 12 days. 192 events May 23 to July 21. Does anybody consider rake or take out when choosing a tourney? Great job, I like the friendly ball busting, Nick telling of friend saying “dude do you know how much real money that is?” on 17k loss. Check fold ya later.

  2. Adam

    Is there a Vegas grinders podcast this week?

  3. Dan Michalski

    Yes. It’s coming. Slight snafu as we still work out a few kinks in what is becoming the powerful and mighty Vegas Grinders machine! #GameofPatience