Vegas Grinders: Thug Living

by , Apr 5, 2013 | 8:30 am

Hmmm … I wonder if I’m a lark or an owl …

I’ve joked since even before this show began that guys like Andrew ran with a bunch of thugs — grinder thugs I like to call them, for the way they go after tourist money in Vegas — and sure enough, a 5/10 Vegas reg we know just got out of jail. Find out how a presumably responsible family man poker coach pro like John Kim could end up in in the clink — sharing a cell no less with a former friend/sketchy acquaintance of Chris Moneymaker.

And speaking of jailbirds, or just birds I suppose … are you a lark or an owl? New(ish) scientific evidence suggests the nocturnal nature of many poker players, Andrew included, is genetically coded and comes with distinct evolutionary advantages.

Meanwhile Dave tries his hand at $2/$5 NL for a score … but not before sitting next to Michael Phelps in a drinky 1/3 game at the Palms, where the supposedly cool Olympic megachamp kinda sorta turns out to be a Tobey Maguire-like dick when it comes to unlicensed photography.

All that and how you may or may not want to play KQ-suited when sizing up future action on subsequent streets!

Vegas Grinders 1.8
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2 Comments to “Vegas Grinders: Thug Living”

  1. Whatever

    Pretty lame that u guys make it sound like John did something sinister just to make people listen to that awful podcast. Starts rumors especially the way it’s worded

  2. Dan Michalski

    Glad you enjoyed, Whatever. Agreed that parking violations aren’t the most thuggish thing ever, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!