Welcome to a New Era of Fighting Tilt and Saving Dave’s Bankroll

by , May 3, 2013 | 7:08 pm


Clearly my life would be better if it weren’t for that friggin’ flush card.

Nevada online poker is here! Kinda-sorta at least for those not on a Mac and/or Verizon. Dan stops by the offices of the new UltimatePoker.com to find an old-school PokerStars crew manning the Station Casinos outpost, while Dave pops in to a near-Strip location to fund his account with real money he someday hopes to play. Things are looking up for the Vegas Grinders crew, but just to be sure it stays that way, poker’s premier mentalist Jared Tendler pops into the VG virtual studio to see how Dave’s doing, and in the process pumps us full of general life wisdom-science for optimal ways to combat extended downswings, “beaten dog syndrome,” and Mid-WSOP burnout. Yet in the end he tells Dave not to read his new book, WTF?

Vegas Grinders 1.12
[audio: http://pokerati.com/podcast/VegasGrinders/VG1point12.mp3]


3 Comments to “Welcome to a New Era of Fighting Tilt and Saving Dave’s Bankroll”

  1. International Listener

    Link is broken 🙁

  2. Dan Michalski

    dern backwards quotation marks. should be all fixed now.

  3. International Listener

    It does. Cheers!