Video poker and online poker games…what’s the difference?

by , Jun 27, 2013 | 6:54 pm

Trust us, they’re not the same! First and foremost, it all boils to down to whom you’re playing.

In a traditional game of poker, even online, you’re putting up bets against other players. You’re trying to win for yourself, but you’re also trying to beat them.

But with video poker, it’s all about you. Maybe you’ll win and maybe you’ll lose, but you don’t have to focus on anyone else’s hand.

Really the only commonality between the two games is the system of ranking cards. A good hand in poker is a good hand in video poker, but that’s where it ends.

Online poker asks you to sit at a table (albeit a digital one) with other players. Unlike the singular objective of video poker, in this game you are asked to achieve two things: to build the best hand for yourself and to bet the competition out of their own hands. If you can do those two things, you win everyone’s combined bets from the pot.

Video poker is different. You’re playing alone, on a computer game that looks a lot like a slot machine. The rules are a little simpler than those of traditional poker: Get five cards, get rid of the ones that don’t contribute to a winning hand, click “deal”, and get paid if your final hand is a winner!

If you find yourself studying up on strategy before trying your hand at a game, you might enjoy plain old poker. Not only will you enjoy the intensity of competition with other players in real time, but video poker strategy and tips play a much heavier hand in this game. You’ll be rewarded for patience and keeping your eye on the game.

If you set aside your gaming time to relax, though, you might be better suited for a game of video poker. Without the distraction of multiple players, hands, and bets, it’s just man against the machine. The rules are simple, the betting clear-cut, and the game fast. You can jump in on a quick game of video poker without losing your mind over a set strategy, and you’ll never have to lose sleep over bets or strategy.

Though derived from a common ancestor, poker and video poker are two very different games that may not cater to the same base. Find out which is right for you and let the games begin!

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  1. Edward

    Video poker and online poker are actually two different casino games. If you are new in the online casino world, then you should know the difference between video poker and online poker.