37 WSOP Tournament Vines

by , Jul 9, 2013 | 3:38 am

Poker tournament coverage is often on the cutting edge with regular use of new media technologies — falling somewhere behind porn and still ahead of the mainstream — and today the Vine app seems to be all the rage … or at least will have been for about 6 seconds.

I’m not sure yet if these video snippets are the next Instagram, the next Draw Something, or video Pinterest … but whatever it is, there’s more and more #WSOP on Vine by the day (despite WSOP/ESPN no-video policies that are like sooo 2011-12). It seems early adopters are still trying to figure out what exactly makes for a good, um, vine, but view these moving squares all together (and turn on the volume for some) and you’ll get a sense of the WSOPatchwork — as seen in quick video loops of chip porn, hallway meet-n-greets, WSOP worker vids, tableside commentary from a world-class DJ, and even a marriage proposal that, well, er … see for yourself … over and over and over and over again, until you’re done forever …

  1. WSOP wonderland

  2. Wow factor?

  3. Jeff Madsen swinging on Vine

  4. Good luck, friends

  5. Chillin’ at the Rio

  6. Real-money registration

  7. Early round chip movement

  8. Poker media readying for work

  9. Dealer break room

  10. Lance Bradley at the WSOP

  11. Carnivale cruising

  12. Bryan Micon represents

  13. via: Donkdown

  14. What’s Gaelle doing with her hand?

  15. WSOP tabling

  16. Father’s Day vapors

  17. Daily Deepstack buyin

  18. Big One says what?

  19. Creep mode?

  20. Everybody might love Ray Romano, but Brad Garret is all over Vine this WSOP
  21. Lasts longer bet in play

  22. Side action

  23. WSOPool party

  24. Wait, is this different from the other Gaelle Baumann shot?

  25. Hallway rub-a-dub

  26. Steve Aoki spinnin’ the pokers

  27. Bagged and tagged

  28. Cocktails! The final table zombie

  29. LOL the return of online poker

  30. Casino carpets and WSOP footpaths at the Rio
  31. Floor!

  32. Open-face Chinese kinda money

  33. Chick flicks

  34. Wait, is Bovada even allowed in the country?

  35. Ultimate Poker reminding people of good-times connection with the UFC

  36. Pathetic marriage proposal or botched Jack Effel photo bomb?

  37. (via Wicked Chops)

  38. WSOP degen ball

  39. Bad beat stories minimized

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