55 Plausibly Pokery License Plates Seen at or near the Rio this WSOP

by , Jul 10, 2013 | 10:00 am

Here’s a glimpse of who’s been driving around the Rio this summer. Some are obvious poker players (or poker workers) while other vanity plates might leave you guessing about any such connection … but regardless, you have no idea how much info you can glean from peering into private vehicles this small sampling of what was on display this summer tells you a little something about who’s in town ready to play. Overall, not too many corny poker phrases, but we do see a lotta 8s, a little bit of religion, some sports, and boy, those handicapped people sure do drive nice cars …

  1. CHP LDR (Nevada)

    CHP LDR (Nevada)

  2. WELLTHY (Nevada)

    WELLTHY (Nevada)

  3. CHECKEM (Nevada)

    CHECKEM (Nevada)

  4. CHEQE (Nevada)

    CHEQE (Nevada)

  5. CHIPS4U (Nevada)

    CHIPS4U (Nevada)

  6. GRR8FLL (Nevada)

    GRR8FLL (Nevada)

  7. RANGERS (Nevada)

    RANGERS (Nevada)

  8. BG RD 72 (California)

    BG RD 72 (California)

  9. No surprise to see this on the day of 2-7 triple draw.

    TWO3457 (Nevada)

  10. RIVERED (Washington)

    RIVERED (Washington)

  11. RIVRD (Nevada)

    RIVRD (Nevada)

  12. RIVERED (USA) Not completely sure this is a legitimate license plate.


  13. 888Z (Nevada)

    888Z (Nevada)

  14. Z888888 (Nevada)

    Z888888 (Nevada)

  15. JAG888 (Nevada)

    JAG888 (Nevada)

  16. 8C88885 (California)

    8C88885 (California)

  17. LO 8888 (Utah) but the other one could be just a coincidence

    LO 8888 (Utah) & 888 BAP (Nevada)

  18. 8888FAN (Nevada)

    8888FAN (Nevada)

  19. 8GZ MAN (Nevada)

    8GZ MAN (Nevada)

  20. ALL GUD (Nevada)

    ALL GUD (Nevada)

  21. ENVY2 (Nevada)

    ENVY2 (Nevada)

  22. GOD 10Q (Nevada)

    GOD 10Q (Nevada)

  23. ILUVGAS (Nevada)

    ILUVGAS (Nevada)

  24. WINNIN (Nevada)

    WINNIN (Nevada)

  25. SOARIN (Nevada)

    SOARIN (Nevada)

  26. S3RSLY (Nevada) Seriously ...

    S3RUSLY (Nevada)

  27. POKERMD (Nevada) Either a poker doctor, or celebration of poker in Maryland.

    POKERMD (Nevada)

  28. Lucky 17 (Florida)

    Lucky 17 (Florida)

  29. ACING (Nevada)

    ACING (Nevada)

  30. ACEKING (New Jersey)

    ACEKING (New Jersey)

  31. PKTAA (Nevada)

    PKTAA (Nevada)

  32. IRAZE (Nevada)

    IRAZE (Nevada)

  33. PLEEZ (Nevada)

    PLEEZ (Nevada)

  34. CUP4CHI (Nevada) Go Hawks!

    CUP4CHI (Nevada)

  35. GOBEARS (Arizona)

    GOBEARS (Arizona)

  36. If this belongs to Pokerati's partner for the 2012 WSOP, you owe a lot of people a lot of money!

    FACE UP (Nevada)

  37. That translates to '7' (I think) for those of you who don't speak binary.

    1001101 (Nevada)

  38. BCKAGN2 (Nevada) The story of many a WSOP player and/or laborer.

    BCKAGN2 (Nevada)

  39. WSOP LSR (California)

    WSOP LSR (California)

  40. In some ways Pokerati has been one big giant eggroll.

    EGGROLL (Nevada)

  41. NOROLL (Indiana)

    NOROLL (Indiana)

  42. IM H?ME

    IM H?ME (California)

  43. UNDFTD (Nevada)

    UNDFTD (Nevada)

  44. VAMP1R3

    VAMP1R3 (Nevada)

  45. -- USED (Nevada)

    — USED (Nevada)

  46. THEROCK (Nevada)

    THEROCK (Nevada)

  47. PLAYDU2 (Nevada)

    PLAYDU2 (Nevada)

  48. ON LOAN (Nevada)

    ON LOAN (Nevada)

  49. NOBORRW (Nevada)

    NOBORRW (Nevada)

  50. NMBRSGY (Nevada)

    NMBRSGY (Nevada)

  51. LSTMEAL (Nevada)

    LSTMEAL (Nevada)

  52. MISS J9 (Nevada)

    MISS J9 (Nevada)

  53. JOEKR (Nevada)

    JOEKR (Nevada)

  54. CHERIES (Nevada)

    CHERIES (Nevada)

  55. BURNS (Nevada)

    BURNS (Nevada)

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