Duke of Fremont Set to Face Assailants

by , Jul 31, 2013 | 3:18 pm

Duke of FremontOPINION

Duke of Fremont


I will be personally appearing before Judge J. Bixler at the sentencing hearing of Edmond Paul Price at 8:30am in room 10C at the Clark County District Court Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 this Thursday morning, August 1st 2013. As the victim in this crime I will read my impact statement, which I am composing today. Afterwards Judge Bixler will sentence Edmond Price for the six felonies he was convicted of committing against me:

1) Conspiracy to commit kidnapping
2) Conspiracy to commit robbery
3) Robbery with a deadly weapon
4) Burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon
5) False imprisonment with a deadly weapon
6) Battery with a deadly weapon

Unbelievably, the jury acquitted Edmond Price on the charge of Attempted Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder. The following is my opinion in regard to the jury’s recent Attempted Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder acquittal of Ed Price:

On June 26th, 2010 I was cowardly attacked from the rear with a tire iron by Edmond Price. I was initially hit at least twice on the head with full force with this lethal item. Have you ever been hit by a tire iron with full force? It could easily crack your skull open and spill your brains out. As dazed as I was I still had the presence of mind to grapple with Price to keep him from hitting me with this tire iron again. While defending myself against Price’s attack Victoria Edelman, his fellow conspirator, starts bludgeoning my cracked skull with anything she can get her hands on. She breaks a lamp over my head into thousands of chards of glass. She breaks a toilet tank lid over my head. She impales the crown of my head with an iron. She takes my two wheel dolly and converts it into a hoe that she rakes across my bleeding skull. These are only the items I recall being pummeled with. There were probably many more. During this assault I sustain a severe concussion, fractured cheek bones, ruptured ear drums, several severe lacerations on my head and hands and multiple broken bones in my hands and fingers. My right thumb is almost detached, my left middle finger is almost severed. My ring finger nail is almost ripped off. My ribs are all damaged, perhaps fractured, making it excruciating to breath. Somewhere in this fray I am even scalped! In this century I’m probably one of the only people in the entire World who has had the misfortune of being scalped let alone surviving this brutal torture!

Eventually my broken body can sustain no more punishment and I surrender to Price and Edelman. Further resistance was impossible. At the moment of surrender I am totally immobilized. My face is ground into the broken shards of glass on the floor with the full weight of Price on my chest while my eyes and mouth are taped. My hands are taped and are then then hogtied to my ankles with tape and phone cords. While hogtied I am continually kicked in the head by Edelman. Because of my hogtied position I am barely able to breath. At that time Edelman puts a gun to my head and demonically says into my ruptured, bleeding ear she is going to kill me with my own gun. After savagely torturing me for what seemed like eternity Price and Edelman hogtied me, robbed me, tortured me some more and left me to bleed out and die. Not only are they responsible for my multiple serious wounds but both conspirators failed to offer me medical care and failed to transport me for medical treatment. Had I not escaped on my own I may have bled out and died.

Although I respect the jury and respect their right to their verdict I vehemently disagree with their verdict and am disgusted by it. Its obvious to me that I place a lot more value on my life than they do. I wonder what their verdict would had been had this torture and attempted murder taken place on one of their family members, a son , a brother, a father, instead of a stranger.

In my opinion these conspirators did their best to kill me. I believed this then, I believe this now, and I will believe this till the day I die!

I ask you the reader the following question:

If this horrendous torture, confinement, and assault on me doesn’t constitute attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder then what the hell does?

Ron Wall, aka the Duke of Fremont Street, is a rare coin merchant and iconic 1-2 NL player in downtown Las Vegas. Trade with Duke at IBuyCoins.com, and follow him on Twitter @DukeofFremont.

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