USA States with Legalized Internet Poker

by , Sep 29, 2013 | 12:31 pm

Many people in the United States, especially poker players, are hearing more and more about States legalizing, or looking to legalize poker over the Internet. However, with all the information on the World-Wide-Web floating around on this topic it can be a bit confusing so this article is intended to simplify it all.

The facts are Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey are the only three States that have passed legislation for legal poker online. Nevada went live with UltimatePoker, a real money poker website, in April of 2013 and just recently went live with the WSOP site on September 19th, 2013. Nevada passed Interstate Poker, just like the other two States, which means you must be within the State/Nevada in order to play poker for money on these two websites.

As for Delaware and New Jersey, they are still working out operational procedures, regulation policies, how it will be taxed, etc., but it’s anticipated that everything should be in place by the end of 2013 or early 2014. poker law page lists the gambling and poker laws State by State, along with their current stance and future outlook on making poker over the net legal. As for other States looking to regulate and tax online poker, there are about ten States moving in that direction. Of those ten States taking a serious look into this matter, six continue to push legislation; California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Washington.  Three others are looking to write bills; Maryland, New Hampshire, and New York. And, Texas appears to be a State towards the top of the list that will pass Internet poker in the near future.

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