Why Online Gaming?

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I guess the real question is why not? If we are to move forward in modern technology than accepting the endless possibilities is eminent. Change isn’t always easy for many and sticking to the old fashion ways is to some safe. But sooner or later the rest of society comes around as it becomes more widely accepted and they are feeling a bit left out of the modern new age of advancement.

Bugsy Siegel Puts Las Vegas on the Casino Map

It’s envisioning what appears to be the impossible dream that turns ordinary men and women into legends, changing life as we know it forever. Bringing new ideas to the masses at first can be quite challenging as they are looked at like they have a third eye or two heads. But it takes perseverance to follow through and time to get the recognition that is finally deserved.

Imagine the ridicule Bugsy Siegel took with a brainstorm idea to build a luxurious Casino and hotel in the middle of the desert. Not only did the idea seem insane to build in the heat of the desert with no water supply available at that time, but a Casino? This was in the 1940’s folks and people at that time were not ready for any part of it, after all Casinos were not considered exactly a righteous upscale business.

Although contrary to belief Nevada did have legalized gambling at that time and there was actually already a few Casinos in Las Vegas, it was Bugsy Siegel that turned it into a glitzy and glamorous gambling town and transformed it to a gambling paradise affectionately called Sin City today. We can only thank the mobster figure for one fantastic legacy he left behind.

Travelers from around the world came to Sin City filled with ambience, glitz and excitement that could not be matched anywhere else. That was until legalized gambling became prevalent in other states and in other countries around the world. It didn’t happen overnight as government officials were adamantly opposed to land based Casinos and it was only a matter of time because once again it represented change.

The Surge of Online Casinos

Then the surge of online Casinos erupted in the 1990’s. Gamblers themselves were skeptical at first. Gambling with real money online? It was simply not going to work, admit it, we all thought it! Eventually curiosity got the best of gamblers and the temptation overtook our fears of a new way to gamble. Initially no one ever thought it could ever measure up to the land based Casinos and offer the thrills and perks they were accustomed to.

In 1994 the first Free Trade and Processing Act was passed in Antigua and Barbuda allowing operators to apply for online Casino licenses through their jurisdiction. By 1996 Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established and regulated online gaming, issuing licenses to online Poker and Casino sites. This was essential in providing fair and honest business operations.

Microgaming is the Godfather of online Casino software that paved the way for gambling. The company based in the Isle of Man offers premium products and state-of-the-art graphics. Following in their footsteps was CryptoLogic software providing a safe haven for transactions in a secured environment.

One of the earliest online gaming portals was Casino On Net established in 1997 that stills thrives today. Since their conception they have seen over 1,000,000 members place a bet. That type of statics is staggering.

Speaking of statistics by the late 1990’s online gambling caught on and went from a mere 15 websites in 1996 to 200 in one year’s time in 1997. In a published report gambling revenue sky rocketed with over $830 million in 1998 alone and was well on its way to popularity on an international level. In 2001 it is estimated that a staggering 8 million players participated in online gambling.

It wasn’t until 1999 that the very first online Poker room was introduced to players. This was also the first year multiplayer gambling was introduced allowing social chat and interaction with each other. More gambling variety began to open virtual doors including Bingo, Sports betting, Horse Racing and Lotteries.

The UIGEA Hits Online Gambling Hard

Now one of the most popular ways to gamble it takes a sudden hard hit in September 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed by the House of Representatives and Senate prohibiting banks and financial institutions to accept transactions from US players. As a result, although the law does not state its illegal for US customers to gamble online it has become hampered due to banking restrictions.

This forced many online operators from accepting any customers from the United States to play and all active accounts were suspended. Because the US market made up a good part of the revenue many operators were forced to close their doors.

Online Gambling Flourishes

Today online operators have rebounded embracing a global market of players and have continued to flourish regardless of the major setback. Predictions that the laws will eventually be reversed are promising as some States have already lifted the ban and is a matter of time that the US as a whole will have the freedom to once again gamble online.

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Change is inevitable and online gambling has become one of the most popular ways to play. It offers the convenience and comfort of playing at home avoiding over crowded Casinos, parking and your favorite Table Game, Video Poker or Slot machine from being occupied. Online gambling is ready when you are open 24 hours, 365 days a year offering competitive promotions, Bonuses and loyalty schemes that are rewarding and lucrative.

It continues to grow better all the time with Virtual Casinos in real time and Mobile Casinos for those on the go. What lays ahead in the future for the gambling community? It all it takes is one vision, one genius and modern technology to once again conceive the unthinkable.

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