What to look for in a five-card draw poker hand

by , Oct 22, 2015 | 8:06 pm

Poker has so many variants nowadays, it’s tough to keep all your strategies straight. So we’re going back to the fundamentals and returning to perhaps the most classic version of the game: five-card draw poker. Here’s how to build the best hands for five-card draw when playing in the best bitcoin casino:

When you first get your five-card hand, the first thing you want to scout for is connectivity. What that means is find ways in which your cards are connected in order to make the highest ranked poker hand. Now, this doesn’t mean chasing after some tougher hands to make, like straights and flushes, but players should have an idea of how their current cards connect and which ones to keep and which to discard.

Two Pair/Three of a kind
While poker players all dream to stunning the table for a big pot with a full house or straight flush, the truth is most pots are won by hands including two pair or three of a kind. Now, there is some design in building around two pair, meaning you shouldn’t go too far in with a low pair. But if you pull a pair of Aces and have a high card in your initial hand, that should be enough – even before the draw – to win the pot. As for three of the kind, this is a solid hand and will likely earn you a winner. However, you should always be conscience of just how high your triples are. You don’t want to get caught with your pants down going all in on three 2s.

How to bet
Depending on what you’re holding – a strong poker hand or a lower-ranked yet respectable hand – you want to bet accordingly. A mistake many poker players make is slow playing a strong hand. For example, you may make a high straight and decide to play it cool and see if you can milk as much from your opponents before springing a strong hand on them. However, sometimes not being aggressive can leave the pot light and you waste that sure winner. Strong hands should be played more aggressively – especially before the draw – forcing your opponents to pay up in order to get more cards.

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