Some Interesting Random Facts about PNiA

by , Feb 20, 2016 | 11:28 am

Poker Night in America is a poker program where amateur poker players play against pros and they do so quite successfully.

PNiA has an interesting and intriguing history, which allows amateurs players to win. In this article we’re going to take a look at some facts about specific subset of amateur players, qualifiers from 888 poker NJ, which is one of the official sponsors of this program.

There are quite a few amateur players that have successfully won against pros in such events, such as Dominick Christiano who on August of 2015, Poker night in America landed in upstate New York at the Turning Stone Casino, Christopher Horter who appeared on the November 2015 episodes of Poker Night in America at Rivers Casino and recently Anthony Pagan who walked away from his PNiA session at the Thunder Valley Casino in California up around $4,300 just to name a few. Is this coincidence, luck or hidden abilities?

The pros that these guys played against are very heavy players, not only they won but they went home with a good win. We think that the 888 players had a little advantage over the pros; the pros games and skills are well known the amateur players could have learnt about them, studied them before the game. On the other hand these amateur guys were completely unknown, the pros had no info about them, none at all.

The game in PNiA is not really a competition, they play in a relaxed atmosphere, no stress factors here but surely a lot of fun which helps to concentrate better.

The interesting part for us is that this proves that once you have learnt the game and its rules even in you are considered an amateur you still can fair really well for yourself even when playing against pros. Ability and luck can give you some very good hands in order to enable any player to win.

It is therefore our opinion that PNiA is a good learning platform both for the amateur players and the people who watch it at home or online. Pros too get to have fun and encounter some unknown variables.

Poker is a game of abilities and nerves if you master both you could become the next Anthony Pagan and maybe do even better.

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