7 Tips for Winning at the Roulettes

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You have money in your pocket. You are bored. You are done binge-watching TV series and movies that you have waited for a while now. Your family is away for a summer vacation that you failed to join because your work will not allow you to go outside the country. What do you have to do now? There is a nearby casino in your neighborhood. You have a few pennies to spare, so you decided to spend them in one of those roulettes you have heard so much about. You noticed that there are two tables for the roulettes. You asked each guy in charge of the roulettes. “This is the American Roulette,” he answered in an accent you are not familiar with. “European,” the other guy grunted, obviously busy waiting for the betters to place their bets. Since roulette is a game of chances that might win you a fortune before you can even say molasses, and since you are placed in a situation like this, let this article guide you on how to place your bet on the right number, and we will also help you identify the difference between the American Roulette and the European Roulette.

  1. Know your chances of winning before you bet on a number (or numbers).

There is a higher chance of you winning if you place bets on different numbers. On the other hand, placing a chip on one number may result in a low chance of hitting the jackpot, but if you get it, the payout is quite large. A lot of neophytes in playing this game will drop their bets on a specific number without knowing that it is a mistake. They don’t understand that if they bet on multiple numbers or playing the outside will increase their chances of winning.

  1. Only bet if you can afford.

Imagine yourself booking a fancy restaurant dinner costing $1000 for a full course meal when your budget is only $250. No one would think that it is ideal. That dinner in that fancy restaurant will likely overdo your entire budget for your dinner, and probably the entire budget for you to eat normally. The same thing goes with playing roulette, if you bet more than your budget can afford is foolproof way to lose your betting money the quickest way possible.

  1. Avoid betting while drinking.

Like any alcohol does with your judgment, it clouds your decisions, chances of you making stupid bets are high. Losing more than what you bargained for is extremely high if you drink while you play roulette. Make sure that you keep a clear head before placing your bet, you don’t want to break even before you realize that drinking while playing is one of the awful decisions that you made for the night, especially if you are looking forward to win and spend your money on others things aside from alcohol.

  1. Don’t lose your sight on the table.

Make sure to remember the numbers and colors a particular table has been hit. Make sure to remember all of your preceding scores. Keeping tab of your previous scores will help you predict with confident precision the numbers and colors that might come up on the next round.


  1. Pocket the winning money.

If you really came in to win, make sure to pocket whatever money you have already won. This will help you avoid losing more; you might also want to consider betting small amount to lessen the margin of your loss. Remember, you don’t have to win lots and lots of money before you call it a day and ruminate that you have already won. Make sure to appreciate any gains, you might be leaving the casino with only $50 but you started betting with only $5.

  1. Set a limitation for your loss.

Never play roulette if you are here to exceed you loss limit. It is always easy to walk out of the casino and look for an open automated teller machine and withdraw money, only to find out that you have lost and you are lining up in the machine to withdraw more money.  Yes, it is great to win back what you have lost in the previous bets but if you chase these old losses, there is a big chance of being addicted to this game. Do not lose if you are not prepared for it, remember that money will come by and go and it is not good to lose more than what you came in for.

  1. Practice makes perfect.

If you are new with playing roulette and you don’t want to take your chances in losing money yet on tables with bets, you can always start with betting on a free table. This will help you clear your doubts when it comes to betting the right numbers and for you to understand the mechanics of the game. When you think you are confident enough, chose the tables that are not too crowded or too busy. Tables like these are very frustrating particularly if you are waiting to be paid. They spin too much and too frequently that it losses the fun it playing roulette.

So after reading the tips on how to increase your chances in winning when it comes to playing roulette, let us know differentiate American roulette and European roulette. There is not much modification; really, they share the same house rules and the same design. An extra green color slot with double zeroes is added on the American roulette. This extra slot makes players lose a bigger sum of money and help casinos earn more. American roulettes are only found in United States, because roulette players all over the world prefer European roulettes. Make sure to ask around before placing your bets since one roulette may double your chances of losing. Do not get discouraged; make sure to spend time with people who knows the game well. Remember that losing is a learning experience. Enjoy every minute of the game.

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