World Record of Bingo

by , Jul 27, 2016 | 9:19 pm

Bingo is often considered a friendly, neighborhood game — played in church banquet halls, on cruise ships, or in grandma’s basement. Serious players, or players seeking real money and serious fun, often go to casinos or other large bingo rooms.

It begs the question just how big can bingo get? What are the records and how much do we really know about bingo games of size?

While claims of bingo hugeness are about as wild as many a fisherman’s tale, one reliable means of source verification comes from Guinness, as their Book of World Records, now known simply as “Guinness World Records”) has been setting the standard for confirmation of greatness since 1955. Guinness tells us the largest live, in-person bingo game took place in December 2006, in Bogota, Colombia, when 70,080 people gathered at Simon Bolivar’s Park for a game organized by Exito, the largest retailer in South America (similar to Walmart). They tried to break their own record in 2007, but Guinness did not confirm such a feat.

The record they were breaking took place in also in 2006, in Los Angeles, when the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino gathered 53,991 people into Dodgers Stadium to stake their Guinness claim. The official record keepers were sure to point out that this record for the largest game of bingo was in the top 20 mass participation records in their permanent book. (Though they lost their bingo records, the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino still hold the record for the largest Air Guitar ensemble, 2,377, and largest Air Drum ensemble, 2,297.)

In a more internet-connected world, the largest online bingo occurred in 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. The number of players for that game — 493,824. All were members of Coca-Cola Park, Coca-Cola’s social media community in Japan. If you want to be ready the next time a big important game of bingo breaks out, you should probably get some experience. You can get on trial with no deposit bingo. That’s how things got started in Japan. And that is how you can find yourself someday with a seat at the world record table.

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