5 poker alternatives for a night out in UK

by , Oct 10, 2016 | 2:21 am

If you play poker on a night out or around a mate’s house, you may want to consider alternatives for the occasional change for your night out in the UK.  There are plenty alternatives to poker that you will enjoy and here are five options for you to consider:


Poker can be played at the casino of course but there are several other options once you’re inside.  This could be at the slot machines, on the roulette table or even a game of blackjack.  Casinos are a popular destination in the UK for groups of friends to attend, perhaps as the main feature of the night out or towards the end of a night – many are open until the early hours!  The UK has a number of casinos and London alone has several to choose from so you’re never bored and there are always tables for you to play at.


Bingo halls are associated with the elderly in the UK but they are also commonly used by groups of girls and even Hen dos on a night out.  There is a lot more luck involved in Bingo than Poker, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but certainly worth considering.  Bingo is a popular online game and bingo halls still exist in the UK to show that it is still popular for a night out too.

Mobile Gaming

With the advancement of mobile phones and iPads, accessing online casinos has never been easier.  There has been a huge growth in mobile gambling over the past few years.  So whether you’re on public transport or in a taxi cab heading for your night out, playing games on your mobile phone have never been more easily accessible.  Mobile casinos have all the games that you would expect to find with an online casino – poker, roulette, blackjack and much more.  The graphics are just as good and they run as smoothly as they do at your PC – you won’t notice the difference other than having the ability to play these games outside of your home!


Greyhound racing is a popular attraction among a group of mates for a night out.  A few beers, a quick flutter and a few laughs always make a trip to the greyhounds a fun night out.  There are lots of events taking place up and down the country on evenings over the weekend.  They are suitable for both families and a group of friends alike, usually with at least a half-dozen races taking place during the course of the evening.


Football matches takes place so frequently that most evenings there is an opportunity to go to a game.  Sometimes there full fixture lists midweek whilst Friday night has been a popular night for the odd Football League game.  In fact, since the start of the 2016-17 season there are even Premier League games taking place on Friday nights.  Attendances are huge in the UK so you can expect a good atmosphere and enjoyable night out.

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