Bingo Sites Aren’t Just For Women

by , Nov 30, 2016 | 4:23 pm

rmpbIt’s commonly thought online bingo is a hobby mainly associated with females, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays males frequent their local bingo halls nearly as much as females do, enjoying the camaraderie of the beautiful game. Not only do males enjoy taking part in bingo games but they thrive on the opportunity of making friends, participating and of course winning big on the sites they play. The perception has gradually changed over time with the new age of online bingo sites adoption. A new study has shown that men represent 30% of all players on a bingo site at all times. We’ve no doubt that over time this will increase further. The below reasons will explain why we feel this has changed.

Online Bingo is Now More Accessible
With the age of the internet, no longer do males need to feel embarrassed to play bingo games online. It holds true that many men would feel out of place at the bingo halls, since it’s commonly misconstrued as a place where females have their “girls nights” with friends on a weekly basis. It’s rare that you find someone without access to the internet nowadays, irrespective of their age. Technology has advanced quickly and males are adapting by joining in the bingo fun online. This is not only represented on desktop sites but also on apps found in the itunes or play store. 39% of males surveyed play bingo on their mobile, a common trend for this industry. The ease of depositing at these sites has resulted in more players continuing to play for longer and simply log in from the comfort of their own home.

Remove the fear of going “Solo”
Going to the bingo hall by yourself can be a daunting thought, which I’d imagine many males would be reluctant to experience. Women tend to flock the bingo halls in groups, though men simply may not have the same luxury. Embarrassment and the solo factor are causal to the male adoption of online bingo with a representation of 30% of bingo sites containing males at a given time, as mentioned previously. This is a reason that has led males gearing towards online bingo rather than the traditional means you’d find in a local village or town. Online is more community led and this allows males blend in under their username. You can become anonymous on these sites and just enjoy the true experience, while getting favourable bonuses that are not available to you offline.

Which Bingo Site is recommended for Males?
We’ve done a lot of research into bingo sites and have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly meaning you don’t have to. The main site we recommend users to check out irrespective of their gender is Ladbrokes bingo online. The site offers customers the best experience in value, customer service and usability on the go. Most importantly, they are a recognised brand with a shop front across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Bingo can be played from the comfort of your own home, while on your mobile or tablet. Mobile has proved to be more popular with men who are increasingly enjoying playing bingo. Ladbrokes offer the best experience across desktop and mobile and their bonuses can’t be matched for value. On this site you’ll have fun, win prizes and most of all have the opportunity to win cash. Most importantly, while playing ensure you have fun. When the fun stops, stop!

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