The Best Way to Improve in Poker

by , Apr 5, 2017 | 1:38 am

Many players are debating over this. What is better, reading articles, watching videos or getting poker coaching?

All of the above have pros and cons and to get the most out of any option, you need to know what you want to achieve. Poker coaching – is the most expensive option, but likely will help you to improve faster than others. It is going to be quite hard to improve your game just by reading strategy articles, so do not stick with it for too long. However, it can surely be a good place to start and give you many insights on what to do next.

Another thing you really need to understand is that watching random poker videos will waste a lot of your time and just cannot help you much, so this is much more an entertainment that learning practice. Many players do not want to see the truth here. To be honest, most people just jump into learning platforms without understanding what to take away from it and watching random poker videos will not help you much.

The exception to this is poker strategy courses, which concentrates on one specific area. Going over that will help you fix any mistake in your game and all you have to do is identify what you want to fix.

Obviously, the best way to do that is to get professional poker database analysis, but if you do not want to invest so much money, you can learn how to find your poker mistakes yourself!

When you know where you are making mistakes, you can easily fix it and improve your game by enrolling in any of the courses. These are the most common mistakes that many players have, so simply choose what you want to improve firstly:

Of course, there are a number of ways to improve your game without spending any money and a good place to start is my FREE course “How to win at poker”. In this course, I cover the most important parts of your game:

  • How to evaluate your game;
  • Preflop strategy;
  • Adjustments vs different opponents;
  • Mental game;
  • And much more.

Speaking about the mental game, I highly recommend checking out this FREE poker book! This book is all about self-management and mastering the most important, non-strategy, parts of your game. It covers everything you need to know in order to prepare for the session, keep your concentration and play “A” game as often as possible.

All of the above will be the deciding factor if you can keep up with the pace in new poker world. These days everyone is getting better and even lower games could be quite challenging if you are not spending any time to improve your game.

You have a number of resources available and if you want to find the best option, see these free poker tips and find what works best for you. All you have to do is devote some time, put your heart in the game and you will come up on top of your opponents every single time! See you on the table – be the best you can be!

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