Who Are the Richest Poker Players in Canada

by , Apr 30, 2017 | 3:07 am

Card games are one of the most interesting mind sharpening methods through which you can earn a good amount of money too. Poker is a widely played game of cards which includes strategy, gambling and skills gained by experience. Although, gambling is prohibited in many countries but still there are some parts of world where it is legal. Currently the latest version of this game has come to existence as online poker where players from various parts of world connect together through internet and play this game online. Canada is one of the countries where you can try your luck on poker because it is totally legal. Currently online poker is in trend on which you can complete information from casino Canada website.

There is a long list of Canadian poker players who earned name, fame and huge amount of money. There is a long list of Canadian poker players who earned name, fame and huge amount of money by trying luck and strategies. Here is a list of richest poker players in Canada who are millionaires just because the experience in this cards game.

1. Daniel Negreanu

This Canadian poker player is 6 times poker world champion and was awarded as hall of fame in 2014 at Las Vegas. The year 2004 was his best year in this profession when he won $4.4 million by playing poker in different tournaments. Daniel started his career in the age of 21 from Las Vegas and spends more than 18 years in playing this game.

In the initial days of his professional life as poker player, he lost all his money because of the difference between game strategies of Canada and Vegas. After losing his all bank balance, Daniel returned back to his home town Toronto, overcome the loss, earned some money and again loses it in Vegas. This routine continued for a long time and he learned new skills and strategy after every defeat. After 2 years at the age of 23, he becomes youngest player who win World Series of poker bracelet. After earning a good amount of money, he started different business ventures and also published two books on poker playing strategies. To know more about this poker legend, you can visit his official website and get information about all of his achievements. He has also created his own poke site that was full contact poker and did a great business on it successfully for 6 months. But after the enforcement of illegal online gambling act, the website closed permanently. As per the records of 2016, the net worth of this player was $50 million, which is still continuing.

2. Guy Lailberté

He is one of the richest poker players of worlds who is multi talented person. Along with playing poker game as profession, Lailberté is also a business man, investor and a musician. He is the 11th richest person of Canada with net worth more than 1.3 billion USD.  The first big achievement of this poker player was in april 2007, when he stood at forth position in world poker tour season 5. It was held in Las vegas and he won a massive amount of $696,220.

He founded a small poker players group named cirque du soleil which become so popular that Canadian government sponsored it for international tours. People like him are multi talented and indulge in various money making activities. To know more about these people, you may visit pokerati website. This event made him very famous and that is why guy was invited in poke after dark season 4 TV show. Just for charity, Lailberté donated $1 million that he earned in World Series of poker 2012.

He is among those poker players who started career in this profession very late. Most of his life was spent in cirque du soleil and later become a professional poker player in 2007. He is considered as most respected person in poker world because of the contribution in charity programs.

3. Jonathan Duhamel

This person is listed in the top ranking of Canadian poker players who has achieved first place in 2010 World Series of poker event. In the list of most successful players of poker in Canada, he is at second position. The year when Jonathan won World Series poker event, he earned $8.9 million. He is the first Canadian who won main event bracelet in championship of poker. In January 2011, he won the European poker tour and earned $272,209. The journey of his success continued to all upcoming years when he made 4 final tables in poker star poker Caribbean adventure tournament. There he won a huge amount as prize of $313,600.

Jonathan finished at 3rd rank on March 2013 at premier league poker 6- London by winning $125,000. As per current news about him, this player has net worth more than $17,500,000. According to the ranking score of world’s top poker players, he is at 5th position at global index.

4. Sorel Mizzi

Sorel mizzi is one of the youngest Canadian poker players who achieved high ranking within a short time period. He is good in both offline as well online poker tournaments. Most of his earnings come from online poker tournaments and the biggest reward he won till now is 7.7 million USD in a live tournament and 2 millions in another one. The best year of his career as poker player was 2013, when he got $3.1 million USD from worldwide winnings.

Mizzi finished at 15th rank in world poker tour championship of 2007 and won $154,705 as cash prize. He also tried his luck in full tilt online poker series on Feb 2007 and won 90,384 USD.  Again he won $40,972 on May month in same year by holding second position in the event. By continuing his victory in this game, Sorel came on the top of lead board in 2011. He won total 17 events out of 47 and earned a huge amount of money. Due to his rising popularity in poker world, titan poker sponsored him in 2010 as a leader of their professional level team. During this time period, he won lots of tournaments at small and large level by holding different positions. His online net worth through poker is over $10.6 million as per current records.

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