New “True Gambling Stories” Podcast Debuts in January

by , Dec 29, 2017 | 12:39 am

Longtime poker and gambling writer Sean Chaffin has partnered with to produce a new show for the site’s expanding number of unique podcasts. The new show will be titled True Gambling Stories and debut on the PokerNews Podcasting Network on Jan. 31.

From the bright lights of glittering Las Vegas to Old West gambling saloons, “True Gambling Stories” brings listeners some insight into gambling’s great stories and lore. This audible experience includes plenty of cards, games from online casino no deposit bonus, cash, dice, and the occasional six-shooter.

“As a contributor to PokerNews for almost a year, I am thrilled with this new podcast and think poker and gambling fans alike will really enjoy it,” Chaffin said. “The show will be similar to some of those really cool true crime podcasts, but with a gambling twist. It will be in a narrative story format and focus on a single tale from gambling or poker’s past.”

The first show will focus on an amazing and legendary craps roll in downtown Las Vegas from the 1980s.

“It’s such an amazing tale of one man’s mystical roll at the tables with some really big bucks won,” Chaffin said. “We really try to get behind the scenes and weave a cool story from this crazy night.”

Chaffin is the award-winning author of Raising the Stakes, a collection of true gambling and poker stories. “There is a rich history and lore in gambling,” he said.

Sarah Herring, head of video and podcasting at PokerNews, believes the show will be a great addition to the site’s network.

“Being a huge true crime podcast listener, I am thrilled to welcome True Gambling Stories to the PokerNews Podcast Network,” she said. “Sean is the kind of journalist that really digs deep to find the people and humanity in any wild story. He has an eye for the strange and fascinating and I can not wait to hit that subscribe button.”

True Gambling Stories will be available on most podcast services and websites as well as To keep up with the show, follow on Facebook (@TrueGamblingTales) and Twitter (@GamblingPod).

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