How to Find the Best Casino Wagering

by , Nov 17, 2019 | 5:08 pm

Regardless if you play any particular slot or online casino game, wagering requirements will usually come into the picture. For everyone about to select a welcome bonus, there is quite some terms and conditions to read since wagering is seldom mentioned. Luckily, there are places out there that can help giving advice about the best casino wagering. Below are some suggestion how to find a fair bonus and wager requirements when about to sign up to a new site.

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Where to find good casino wagering?

The increasing amount of online casinos makes it harder to quickly find an appropriate site to play at. The available offers might also differ heavily between regions and countries where you live. There are not so many legal alternatives for American players yet, but in the coming years the situation might change quickly. For Canadian players though, the options are almost as many as in Europe where the online casino market is booming and becoming more mature. Our reflections indicate that mature markets such as the UK, Sweden and Finland got the lowest wagering requirements for casino players.

While the worldwide market is developing, the innovative new bonus focused site is gaining traction for all regions. Since many casino players are annoyed about high wagering requirements, we are glad to see a site with user’s best interest in mind.

Finding a fair wagering requirement is after all one of the most important parts of a casino bonus. Many people don’t even accept a bonus today because of unreasonable wagering rules. Then the second factor to consider is which and how good return to player (RPT) the game with bonus spins got. Many games today from NetEnt and Microgaming offer above 97% RTP, which gives great wagering opportunities for players.

Some great bonuses are often given out at tournaments and seasonal casino competitions. While the rules may very heavily, the advantage might be that you can find lower wagering requirements when attending. In the end, any wager below 25 times should be considered a fair bonus that’s worth taking. However, if the bonus is having 26 times wagering or above it’s usually a waste of time to even bother accepting the bonus.

Pokerati noticed that many casino operators still are rather unclear about their rules and accept players they shouldn’t. We also see that many are starting to get penalties or warnings for this behavior which we think have to come to an end soon. Ladbrokes got a heavy fine over allowing wagering for problem gamblers. Regulators seems to crack down on this type of behaviour and more casino brands can expect getting penalties for having confusing or vague rules and terms and conditions. In the coming years, an increasing amount of rules will likely force casinos to clearly write out all wagering conditions already in the content next to the offer.

Not sure about what wagering in a casino context means? explains wagering requirements in one of their recent posts. After all, if you are not sure about what it means it could be worth to read up.

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