World Poker Tour DeepStacks Montreal Update

by , Mar 3, 2020 | 9:52 pm

Playground’s 2020 schedule is complemented by the WPTDeepStacks date in mid-April.

Perhaps the most prestigious mid-major tournament in poker, DeepStacks is always exciting and ‘stacked’ with impressive play.

This year’s event is loaded with CAD. The WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main event is guaranteed $1,000,000.00. This portion of the tournament starts on April 12th with the online poker party.

The WPTDeepStacks Opener is shelling out $500,000.00 with unlimited re-entry and kicks off on the 16th of April with a day of online play. We’ll see the first at-at games if the Main Event on April 22nd.

In addition to all of the satellite action for the main event, we’ll also see the Playground 200 with a $200 + 20 buy-in that guarantees $100,000.00 in payouts and starts in the morning on April 19th. There are six other events that will take place, one at the beginning of the series, and five towards the end:

  • Freeze – April 16th $25,000.00
  • Day 1 WPTDeepStacks High Roller – April 25th, $200,000.00
  • 50/50 Bounty – April 26th, $25,000.00
  • Pot Limit Omaha – April 26th, $15,000.00
  • 6-Max – April 27th, $25,000.00
  • 8-Max – April 27th, $25,000.00

So, as you can see, there will be a ton of action at Playground Poker in Montreal this April. The entire field is yet to be determined so you should start practicing your poker at the top sportsbooks now and perhaps you can win some satellite tournaments to qualify for this massive Montreal event.

Let’s break down the principal events a bit further.

The WPTDeepStacks Opener is a $500 + $50 with seven starting flights. As mentioned above, the total prize money is a massive half-million dollars and with unlimited re-entry, those with enough cash to buy back in have extra opportunity to take home a large chunk of money.

The Playground 200 is a 200 +20, giving it its name. This is a venue-dedicated event that is surely going to fill up quickly with players from the WPTDeepStacks’other events because of its $100k in cash pot. This one is also formatted with unlimited re-entry.

The WPTDeepStacks main Event is a single re-entry format, so if you get pushed out of the table, you can buy back in once. Though the $1500 + 500 cost isn’t cheap. However, with a $1 million dollars up for grabs, this will be the main attraction and top players from the WPT. That said, there are several satellites that can be bought in for a fraction of the cost, just $150 + 15. Placing well in these will qualify you for entrance into the main event without forking over two-large.

The actual tournament starts on April 22nd with four starting flights live at Playground, and the aforementioned online poker party being the first flight, on April 12th.

If you’ve got cash, you can join in on the high-stakes action at the High Roller Tournament. This one is $2,300 + $200, making for a $2,500.00 buy-in. But if you’ve got skills and can qualify, it is worth it because this tournament is paying out $200k in cash. That said, it will be loaded with pros, so even just getting in to test your mettle against the best of the best could be worth it.  There is a high roller satellite with a buy-in at just 10% of the full cost, $250 + 425 on April 24th  with unlimited re-entry. However, this particular satellite only has 5 seats available. The actual WPTDeepStacks High Roller Tourney will be single re-entry.

If you have an account with partypoker, you better start racking up your T$ because it can be used to register for any of the WPTDeepStacks Montreal 2020 events!

After Montreal, we’ll see DeepStacks move to Pennsylvania and then all the way over to Taiwan. But get over to your favorite sportbook’s poker rooms to start practicing now or hit up then hot up partypoker to earn some T-Money that can be used to enter in Montreal! You won’t want to miss the 6-Max, 8-Max, Limited Omaha, and 50/50 bounty events, because they are going to be great for amateurs and pros alike!

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