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by , May 18, 2020 | 1:16 pm

We have known the meaning of odds, betting and what sports betting in particular means. To reiterate betting is taking chances to see if our prediction has become successful. This website and many others on the internet have been successful in helping their users earn a lot of money. Today, we will also look at physical poker and see what makes it different from online betting and which ones are preferable. 

Casinos are one of the prime ways of making money easily.

As discussed in my previous writing, we play the odds when we bet and this sort of okra is most preferred in casinos. Let me explain how these places work. At a casino, there are many types of betting games; the basic ones are Slot Machines. These are machines which host several types of games. The players insert coins in the machine and start the game and it usually takes 30 seconds for the results to come. If the player wins, the machine discharges the winning amount and if the player loses, the coin inserted is taken in by the machine.

One of the most famous types of slot-machine is the three-reel slot machine. In this machine, the display shows a set of three different spinning reels containing a total of five symbols. The most commonly used symbols are horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a Liberty Bell. The three reels have these symbols arranged in a random pattern and when the player starts the game, the reels all roll for some time and then come to a standstill. Once the reels stop spinning, depending on the combination of the symbols the player gets paid some amount which is pre-decided by the casino owners.

A lucky draw is won when all the three reels show the same symbol and again depending on the symbol that comes, the player will win a varying amount.

There are some players who have raised issues regarding these slot machines. One of the main concerns is that these machines usually take a long time to show a lucky draw and it often happens when one player has been playing for a very long time. In other words, the machine waits until it has collected more than the lucky draw amount and then shows the lottery. All in all, slot machines are an entry level casino game and are mostly preferred by players who do not want to spend too much too soon. It is also a game of patience.  The second type of game at casinos is based on playing cards also called ‘Standard 52-card deck’. These cards are made by a pattern and have a set of thirteen cards in each of the four suits; Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. The thirteen cards contain numbers from 2-9 and a King, Queen, Jack, and an Ace. 

Three players are usually included against the dealer in Blackjack.

Blackjack, which can also be played online on websites like dewapoker21 involves a game of chance between the dealer and the player. In some casinos, the dealer can deal with as many as five players at the same time. In simple terms, the players and the dealer each get to draw two cards at a time. These cards that are drawn can be either showing the front (revealing the number) or it could be placed facing the back thereby hiding the card.

The logic from the players perspective is to win the game by getting a total sum more than the dealer. But the player cannot exceed a total count of 21. If the player exceeds the count of 21, he will be out of the game or ‘busted’. Alternatively, if the player is able to get more than the dealer without busting himself, he wins the game. Bets are placed when the cards are distributed and are finalized before the dealer and the player check their total count. After each round, the players can decide if they wish to play further or drop out of the game. Casino specific coins are used instead of hard cash at such games. The players initially exchange their money for casino chips which are then used to deal with the cards. 

A similar type of game involving the 52-deck cards is Poker. There are, however, some differences between Blackjack and Poker. Unlike Blackjack which constitutes a player and a dealer, Poker has only players playing against each other. Although there is a dealer who distributes cards and monitors the bets placed, he does not participate in the game.

Instead of two cards being dealt at a time, Poker has a set of five cards served to each player. The bets are only between the players in Poker unlike Blackjack where it is the player against the dealer. There is one other specificity which is not present in Blackjack. There is a possibility for the players to either see their cards (in order to better evaluate their chances of winning) or play ‘Blind’. This option is used before the bets are waged. So the players have the flexibility of deciding what to choose although some casinos make it clear at the beginning of the game if the cards can be seen or not. 

The amazing thing about online casinos is that you can benefit from all the above-mentioned features and much more. Let me exemplify by taking the website that I mentioned earlier. On dewapoker21, you can play Blackjack with the dealer, which is a computer in this scenario and in case of Poker, you can play with your friends or anyone who is interested. Online chips are also provided which are converted from the amount that you deposit on the website.

Unlike traditional casinos where players are sometimes forced to keep playing because they had been winning the previous games, the website provides no such obligation. This website provides players with the freedom they desire as it allows them to exit the game whenever they wish. The website is also an ideal platform for online betting in the current times where social distancing has become a way of life and is here to stay. A side note in reference to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, where casinos are all closed, you can play Poker with your friends from the comfort of your home and make money easily. It also supports the social distancing that the governments are encouraging us to follow. 

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