Best Casinos in Canada That Have Poker Rooms

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Canada’s extravagant poker scene is pretty fantastic. It does not matter if you are new to poker and want to go for smaller stakes, or you are a Vegas poker champ with hard-core experience and a hunger for poker money. You will get some incredible games that have poker rooms in Canada real money online casino

Here are top Casinos in Canada that have rich poker rooms – 

1. Casino Regina 

A 1996 Casino situated in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada is largely considered to be one of the greatest poker rooms in the whole of Western Canada. It opens every day from noon till 4 in the morning and offers a weekly poker tournament on every Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

The poker dealers at Casino Regina are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the game, and they make sure that you always have an entertaining time at your poker table. Additionally, you may earn Players Club Points by give playing the Players Club card to our Poker Manager. You can also get free membership by visiting the Players Club Desk. 

The poker room requires players to be over 19 years. The toom hosts poker tournament sessions such as the Diamond Poker Classic, Harvest Poker Classic, and the Station Poker Classic. Recently, the room hosted Diamond Poker Classic that has four tournaments. Neil Anderson won out of 99 runners and won prize money of C$27,849 ($21,535).

2. Winnipeg’s Club Regent

Club Regent is situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, which permits people who are 18+. The poker room has 16 poker tables. The beautiful casino is open every day.

The casino has a non-smoking room, containing televisions, food service, Wi-Fi, jackpot promotions, and other amenities. The casino’s theme gives a tropical feel, and it is one of the two casinos in Winnipeg having an attached hotel and event center. 

The poker room of this amazing casino at Club Regent reminds you of the fun-filled party scene. The room offers several rates for a game. It takes a $5 cap 10% rake while you can go for hourly rates in case of higher end games. There is a $60 tournament on Tuesdays that takes place around 7:05 pm and a $100 tournament on Thursdays around the same time. 

The Club Regent’s poker room comes with an all-time money list of $40,163 and $25,226 for the first and second winners. 

3. Casino Niagara 

As the name suggests, this casino is situated at the world-famous Niagara Falls, in Ontario, Canada. The poker room requires every player to be above 19 years, and it is open 24*7. The room contains 30 tables, each having an auto shuffler. The benefit that every player will get from this room is the short walk to Niagara Falls from the casino. If you are a first-timer in Ontario, Casino Niagara is a must-visit casino for you. 

You would like to know that the property of Casino Niagara is partnered with another fabulous casino called Fallsview Casino, which is right down the busy street. Fallsview has its poker room that hosts the World Poker Tour Fallsview Poker Classic, annually. It partnered with Casino Niagara in 2017.

You will be surprised to know that several millionaire pokers have been minted here in Casino Niagara, winning as high as $1,727,362, $1,329,344, and the third winner got $1,084,256. These 3 were the top of the all-time money list of this fantastic venue. 

4. Calgary’s Grey Eagle

Grey Eagle is situated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has as many as 15 tables in their poker room, and it is open 24*7. The non-smoking poker room has several computers and TVs, but they lack auto shufflers, tableside food, massage services, and, most importantly, jackpots. 

The room primarily offers $1 to $2 no-limit hold’em and other cash games like pot-limit Omaha. However, they may offer higher limits if requested. Daily tournaments take place around 11 am till 7:15 pm, and in addition to this, they offer $300 tournaments on the first Wednesdays of every month and also $230 PLO tournaments every third Wednesday. 

Grey Eagle is mostly popular for holding huge tournaments such as C$2,500 DSPT Championships, which is a part of WPTDeepStacks. The tournament has 712 entries, and the top cash prize was $210,478. The winner becomes the all-time money leader of the poker room. 

5. Playground Poker Club

Playground Poker Club is situated in Kahnawake, Quebec, Montreal, and it is considered to be the number one poker venue in Canada. It is best, not only in Canada but also reached the top in the premier poker destinations in the world. 

It is not exactly a casino but has got a dedicated poker room with 70 or more tables, a bar, and a restaurant and every other poker amenity. The 2010 Playground Poker Room hosts main tournament festivals throughout the year, such as the World Series of Poker International Circuit and the famous WPT. They also offer at least 20 regular type tournaments every week. 

With the variety of amenities, Playground Poker Club provides a high-quality poke experience to whoever visits the venue. It has some of the best-trained poker dealers and staff from across the poker industry and the freshly constructed tables that provide comfort to the players as they play. The professional staff offers beverages from the Playground complex, The Rail Coal Fire Bistro, and offers registered therapists massages. 

6. Casino De Montreal

Established in 1993, Casino De Montreal is a modern building having the largest casino in Canada. There are around 100 tables and 3200 slot machine games. There are giant screens that show sports events, and a range of promotions and offers are offered to visitors. 

The fantastic room hosts Texas Hold’em offering both no limit and limit games. The Bad Beat Jackpot is offered to players who lose so that they can potentially win a big game. Casino De Montreal decided to award the greatest Bad Beat Jackpot that was recorded to be a massive win of $1,669,442, highest ever recorded in North America. The poker room is kept open 24*7 so that the players get full opportunity to hit the poker tables according to their convenience. 

The casino is near the Playground Poker Club, and both places are famous for their juicy poker and live games. 

7. Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

One of the biggest casinos in Windsor, Canada, is the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, according to the Casino Player Magazine. The same was mentioned in different magazines for 16 consecutive years. The area is over 100,000 square feet, and they manage both the casino and hotel at the same time. 

The poker room has at least 14 tables and a lobby of gaming tables and slots. The casino also offers a sports park for visitors to enjoy themselves. Players can choose from almost 3,000 games, which are the latest and interesting. The slots exclusively feature “Total Touch” technology. All you got to do is tap the machine if you want any refreshing beverage like a cocktail. 

The smart technology remembers your favorite drinks when you use your player card. Just tap with the card as many times as you want to enjoy your favorite and usual drinks. Video poker and progressives are also available in abundance apart from the newest and classics multi-line games. Every player requires to be above 19 years to gamble in this famous casino.

8. Casino Rama Resort

Casino Rama features rich selections and powerful slots, and it is over 20 years old. The casino has witnessed remarkable results, and the players can enjoy their entire stay at Casino Rama Resort with the 25000 machines in the lobby. The casino has eight beautiful restaurants and 110 tables for gaming and entertainment. 

Tournaments are conducted throughout the year, and some notable performers like Jason Derulo and Carrie Underwood make a guest appearance in the evening. Some professional dancers are hired for entertainment in the casino. 

The Casino Rama poker room always open 24*7 and offers Limit & No-Limit Texas Hold’em. This is the reason why the players have a convenience since the game is always on. 

9. River Rock Casino Resort

The River Rock Casino Resort is situated in Richmond, Canada, and it is famous for the extravagant poker room. It is not very old, established in 2004, and can accommodate only 220 rooms. However, it has earned recognition because of its poker room that comes in 7 different variations to play.

The Casino is situated near Vancouver International Airport, so it becomes an easy and popular choice for the tourists who visit this part of Canada. It hosts British Columbia Poker Championship on various occasions. It is open from 9 am to 5 am from Monday to Friday and 24 hours on weekends. 

The poker games are not limited to No-Limit Hold’em. You can also get Omaha and Omaha 8, and Better and 7 Card Stud, all of which are in Limit and No Limit games. The casino also offers horse racing gambling besides poker gambling. Among the classic tables, there are baccarat, craps, blackjack, and roulette. 

10. Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino

Situated in Edmonton, Northlands Park Casino and Racetrack is one of the oldest casinos in Canada. The location is beside a horse track, which is also famous as horse betting games are quite popular among gamblers. The casino has 550 slots and tables. The classic tables are baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and craps. 

The Northlands Park Casino hosts weekly tournaments and competitions to entertain their visitors. The horse racing and horse betting are, however, more attractive than poker rooms in this casino. Overall, the casino is a must-visit in Alberta. 

The casino has a slot-based machine gaming area along with a few electronic table gaming stations. There is a lack of interesting games that would please the visitors. However, the games provided are very popular, and they suit the casino quite well 

11. Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino

Another famous Casino in Alberta is the Stoney Nakoda Casino that has a great resort, and it is only thirty minutes from Calgary. The poker room is a huge portion of this casino, and they offer No-Limit Hold’em cash games. The casino is open every day from 4 pm to 12 am and starts at $1 to $2 and gradually increases from there. There are a great number of games and entertainment for visitors. 

The casino holds many tournaments every week, and $35 tournaments are held every Thursday and Saturdays for everyone to be entertained. Apart from the weekly tournaments, there is a special Saturday tournament that is held once every year, and the buy-in is $105. The players for the amazing annual event is held for them to try out their luck at gambling and winning the first place cash prize. 

Since the casino is located just outside Calgary and nearby the Rocky Mountains, the players who come to this casino are a random combination. Some are regulars, while most of the time, it is the group of weaker amateur gamers who come most of the time. 


There is no denying that Canada is one of the most visited and most attractive places in the world. It is also one of the popular destinations for all casino lovers. It not only welcomes tourists from every corner of the world but also gamblers from different parts.

Canada is the heart of all the casinos in North America. Various gambling events take place either inside a casino or horse racing tracks. Canada’s casinos are of very high standards and are usually attached to a restaurant, social club, or a hotel. The Canadian casinos are available online, too, for playing read more here. The revenue from these casinos is above $5000 million in Canada alone. 

Canada produces some of the world’s best poker players, such as Mike Lead, Tonkaaa Talbot and Daniel Negreanu, and many more. The country is home to several poker rooms with many poker tables and auto shufflers. 

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