How to Win at Online Poker

by , Sep 22, 2020 | 11:48 am

Playing poker online has quickly become one of the internet’s most popular pastimes. Whether you are a regular poker player online or in real life, or you are just starting out, these tips should help you win more games at online poker.

Start by Playing Low Stakes Games

For all level of players, it is a good idea to begin playing online poker with low stakes. Playing low stakes at the start gives you a chance to learn the nuances of online poker playing, and give yourself a chance to see the ‘lay of the land’ before you move on to higher stake games where mistakes will cost you more. It also lets you begin with a smaller bankroll that you can build up before moving to bigger games, so you are playing with your winnings and not your hard-earned cash at the higher stakes tables.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you are an experienced player, you are still going to have to make some adjustments in order to get used to the online poker experience. Most poker players are not used to having to play to enforced time limits. In a real-life poker game, you have time to make decisions and to bank your money, but online there are time constraints you must adhere to, and this can often cause problems for new online players. Make sure you play a lot of games before stepping into higher stakes competitions to get used to the rhythms of online poker.

Stay Free of Distractions and Disruptions

Poker playing can be intense and requires a lot of concentration and decision making. This is easy in a real-life casino, where tables and the areas they are in are free of overt distractions and disruptions, but it isn’t the same at home. Try and create a space free of distractions where you can minimize disruptions and concentrate on your poker playing. Don’t let yourself become distracted by your phone or other web pages.

Think About Making Some PC and Internet Upgrades

There is no killer app, add-on, or upgrade to help you become a better online poker player. Making some improvements to your PC or laptop and your connection to the web can help you though.

A well-performing personal computer will help you react and respond quickly to things that happen in the game. Playing on an old and slow laptop is not recommended. You will also benefit from a faster connection to the internet, especially if you are playing in a family home. The last thing you want to happen is connection issues in the middle of a hand of poker because someone else in the house started watching Netflix. Consider getting a better chair and playing at a desk or table too. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, immersed in the game, you will need good ergonomic back support to prevent aches and pains while you play for long periods.

Prepare Yourself for Losses

Even the best poker players in the world lose a lot of games. Each loss is an opportunity to learn, and you should see the value in losing.

When you have played a losing hand, take some time after the game to analyze what happened and what you could have done differently. It is important to do this if you are going to improve the quality of your play and develop your strategies so you can win more consistently. Luck is important in poker, but knowledge is the most powerful asset you can take to a poker table, online or offline.

Don’t Rush into Multi-table Gaming

Many online poker players play at multiple tables at once to try and maximize their profits and get the best return possible from the time they spend playing. Anyone can do this, and be successful, but take your time to learn the games and its nuances before playing multiple tables simultaneously.

Use Poker Software to Practice

Before you begin an online poker session, use free poker software to practice a little and warm up. Many people will log straight into their favorite poker site and start playing right away, but you will suffer fewer financial losses if you take some time to warm up playing against an AI before you start playing for real money stakes.

Take Regular Breaks from the Game

Don’t let yourself get stuck playing poker for endless hours – it is not good for your physical or mental health. Take regular breaks away from the game and away from the computer. Look for an online casino like Unikrn that has the best online slots as well as online poker options. They have a wide range of fun slot machines that you can play to break the monotony of poker, and maybe win a little extra money to play with while you do.

Remember, the number one reason to play online poker is to have fun, so if it stops being fun, then you should stop playing for a while. Follow some of these tips and you should be able to enjoy playing online poker, and win plenty of games!

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