Online Poker Software: How To Choose The One?

by , Dec 21, 2020 | 11:39 pm

If you have ever thought of immersing yourself into an online poker business, you might have come up with an idea to launch your own online poker website. In this case, you need to consider the features of quality poker software and what role a poker server plays in the operation of a website, and its characteristics as well. So, let us arm you with the faultless tools for choosing quality poker software and let you take to this topic like a duck to water.

online poker software

Why is online poker server software important?

Let us have an in-depth look at the elements of a poker website. A poker website has an integrated iGaming platform with conditions on playing and payment clearing. The website provides gamblers with virtual tables, games, RNG (random number generator), and there they can buy chips and exchange them for real money.

One plays poker via special applications called ‘game clients’. These game clients ensure gameplay, they don’t contain any information related to the cards, they are not able to generate card sequences since they receive data from a poker server in real time. Here, we have come to the significance of a poker server software.

A poker server software is one of the determining elements in the website’s operation. When obtaining a license for one server installation, you will be able to operate the software on your own one. To understand the points of a proper poker server software, let us turn to the example of a respectful and reliable iGaming provider . It offers not only a decent poker server software but also different solutions for a start-up.  A proper server software should involve:

  • Supple and scalable Architecture
  • Protected game logic
  • Socket based system
  • PHP, .NET, Python, Java native API
  • Support of external hardware RNG
  • Up to 3000 online players on middle level server
  • Software RNG certified by iTech Labs Australia, GLI, and Quinel

What are the features of quality poker software?

As we have discussed the main features of a good poker server software, let us come to a wider topic on the poker software. Here is a solid list of main factors proving the status of quality software:

  • High quality 2D and 3D graphics will provide you with amazing gaming experience
  • A simple navigation on the website makes your searching easier and more efficient
  • A support team should be friendly and answer to customers not more than in 24 hours
  • Fraud and privacy protection ensure that your business is safe, your players confident and your personal details secure
  • The software should compile quality games. Also the speed of gameplay and timely updating make sense
  • The software you are up to obtain should have desktop, mobile and web versions

These are the basics. Well, don’t neglect this list while searching for a software supplier. If one point is absent in your potential choice, be careful to move on as you might come across a questionable, third-tier software development company.

What are some other favorable points for good software?

Take into account that software plays a big role in starting up your online poker business. The software is provided by a software development company, so, firstly, find a good one. Besides the things we have discussed above indicating a professional provider and quality software, there are some other advantages offered by some providers. Among them:

If a provider offers different software packages and allows you to choose among turnkey, white label, networked, standalone and other solutions, it contributes to their prestige and high competence, implying flexible partnership as well.

Any quality software should feature popular payment methods. If a provider is flexible in money processing and offers different options, it also proves their high-level service. Trustworthy merchant services prioritize the protection of customer data.

The last point to be discussed is bonuses & promotions programs. If a software development company lets you use such programs, this is a real perk and you have succeeded in choosing a software provider.

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