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by , Jun 29, 2023 | 12:29 pm

It occurred to me I couldn’t just leave “Doyle Brunson Dies” as the final post on this blog. That would be like ending Star Wars after The Force Awakens. But it’s a new era for poker, indeed. Records already are falling, and we’re almost certain the Main Event will finally break the 2006 record for largest field. And goodbye Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino … the Horseshoe is the World Series of Poker’s new home. Sad that both Mike Sexton and Brunson aren’t around to see it.

pokerati dealer cut card at the wsop
(Image: Robert Goldfarb / Pokerati)

The WSOP’s last year at Binion’s Horseshoe, downtown, was in 2004, which also happened to be Pokerati’s first WSOP. Our traffic then was about 12, and our editorial strategy was to tell friends in Texas what was going on in Las Vegas — complete with results of local players they might recognize from the Dallas underground. To promote this new blog thing, I printed up business cards with this site’s web address and the tagline, “Dude, are you thinking ’bout poker?” I left them atop the urinals at Binion’s men’s rooms (captive audience) and watched the traffic quickly grow to about 40.

It was a good run, but now it’s time for me to move on. Actually, 10 years ago was probably an even better time. But so is now, on the cusp of another poker growth spurt — if not another poker boom, then definitely a poker surge. For certain, a new poker era.

What the buyer will be getting from this motivated seller is a cool-sounding top-level domain, with a killer link profile that would take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars for any new site to amass; a social media following that includes a virtual who’s who of poker influencers; and sorry readers, but whoever buys the site will also get whatever email address people were using to leave comments in 2009-13.

This domain, pokerati-dot-com, has been around for almost 20 years. (I also have dot-org, dot-net, dot-us, and Maybe this is my final post … maybe not, who knows.

While always proud of the boldness of our pseudojournalism at Pokerati, the standard that guided me over the years was to never do anything that would make Doyle Brunson unfollow us.

When I first launched the site, Saddam Hussein was still alive and I hoped to make enough money to some day play the WSOP main event. Now I know better — poker is hard and my skills are stuck in about 2012.

Over the years, I’ve turned down multiple offers in the Main Event-seat ballpark, one just shy of a Poker Player’s Championship buy-in, and another — oops — that woulda-coulda bought a house. While I may have lacked the business savvy to seal the deal way back when, now I just want the cash — and, of course, to give back to the poker community a cool domain name with monetizable assets.

This site’s a fixer-upper to be sure. But in the right hands, there’s much potential still to realize.

So feel free to spread the word: Pokerati is for sale, and you should buy-it-now! The only email address I pay to keep active these days is danm-at-pokerati-dot-com. You can also hit us up via DM on Twitter.

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