Andrew Neeme

Full-time Grinder

My blog details the questionably glamorous life of a full time, low/mid limit NL grinder living in Las Vegas. There are a lot of things I cover with the blog -- cash sessions, tournament runs, casino hopping, dealer spotlights, daylife and nightlife, hidden gems in LV, travel and poker in other cities, and sometimes might feature guest posts from my fellow grinders. A little bit of lifestyle and with some strategy and hand history. Ask my girlfriend what it's like dating a grinder. It's not as cool as it sometimes looks on the internet. But sometimes it is.

Posts by andrew:

  • Poker with a Purpose

    03 Oct 2012

    My phone lit up with that ever familiar ringtone of an incoming text message, this time from HemmaCuda: “So what’s it gonna take to get you to start coaching at Stackem?” When I first moved to Las Vegas, I knew almost nobody in the city. I had one contact here: a girl from high school […]

  • WSOP Reconnect

    29 Jul 2012

    I got a message on Facebook smack in the middle of the WSOP — June 23rd — from someone I had been buddies with since grade school, but had lost touch with since moving away from Michigan almost 10 years ago. The message started off with him, Dave, saying congrats on my poker career and […]

  • Backers: the Venture Capitalists of Poker?

    31 May 2012

    It’s fun talking about how much this poker player won in cash games this week, or how much that person took home for first place in that tournament. But few of us are privy to whether a particular player is grinding it out on their own dime, or if they are staked and thus turning […]


    25 May 2012

    After spending the majority of the past 3 weeks in Detroit, Columbus, and Carlsbad attending weddings, I’m back in my one-bedroom apartment at the intersection of Flamingo and Maryland in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s just the annoyingly vast amounts of construction and “improvements” they’re doing on my building, but there seems to be higher than […]

  • California Losses vs. Vegas Wins

    19 Apr 2012

    If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably either a poker player or fan of the game in some fashion. You know that the games in Las Vegas are plentiful on any day of the week. The weekend crowd consists of tourists from all parts of the US escaping their routine lives for a few days […]

  • Festival of Nits, the Tourist Factor, and Swallowing Your Pride

    08 Mar 2012

    I think I was in Los Angeles at the end of last summer. Somewhat amazingly, that was the last time I was outside of the desert. I did go to Palm Springs with my girlfriend and met some family there for Thanksgiving … but that’s still in the desert. I didn’t go home this past […]

  • The Vegas Grind (in Pictures)

    01 Mar 2012

    I guess I’ve been somewhat slacking in the blog department. However, I’ve been fully engaged in grind mode ever since my last downswing and plan on writing an update in the very near future. In keeping with the grinding and writing theme, I’ve been trying out this new tool that allows me to log my day […]

  • “Two Pair, No Good”

    28 Jan 2012

    I had plans for my first post of 2012 to write about my new year’s resolution, which was to find more purpose in what I’m doing for a living … quite the challenge when your work day consists of picking out tourists to relieve of their vacation cash so you can pay your bills for […]

  • Streaking

    07 Dec 2011

    I don’t know why we call the poker gods, Gods, but we do. They seem more like a bunch of high school dropout, weird uncle, goofball idiots to me. When they abandon you, it is the filthiest, loneliest feeling you can imagine. But when they reflect their light on you for any kind of extended stretch, you feel, well, enlightened. Chosen. So in tune with everything you can hear the hum of the earth.

  • Finding A Groove

    11 Nov 2011

    Every “professional” poker player has some sort of a story as to how they found themselves with that job title. A lot of kids on the scene nowadays spent the majority of their free time in college grinding online and getting really good… so good that they didn’t see much point in getting a job […]