Posts by APCW:

  • AGA vs. Barton Bill, Legal DC Poker on the Shelf

    15 Jul 2011

    The Barton bill has raised the hopes of poker players, but not everyone is so enthusiastic about the proposed legislation. Also, more Black Friday fallout from across the Atlantic. Plus, regulated online gambling has been put on hold in Washington, DC

  • Full Tilt Meltdown

    08 Jul 2011

    This week, J Todd reviews the continuing troubles for Full Tilt Poker since "Black Friday", including the loss of their licenses in Alderney and France, and a new class action lawsuit filed this week. We also get a status update on the launch of legal online gambling in Washington, DC

  • Bills! Bills! Bills!

    25 Jun 2011

    Online gambling bills from Congressmen in Texas and Washington State are ready to follow in the success of Barney Franks efforts! Plus, Internet betting is almost ready to launch in Washington DC while a major software provider gets some support in Cal…

  • This Show Sucks!

    19 Jun 2011

    Online gambling news that really sucks includes updates on from Quicktender, affiliate program closures, and the FBI giving away our money to local cops! Plus, an update on a story from Vancouver and a shout out for a friend.

  • Rats! More Black Friday Fallout!

    10 Jun 2011

    This week’s online gambling news comes from New York City, where a "Black Friday" defendant has been denied bail. Plus, is legal Internet betting in Washington DC in jeopardy? Also, updates from Merge Poker, Intertops, and QuickTender.

  • Online Gambling News for the Birds!

    03 Jun 2011

    This week’s online gambling news includes stories from Canada, Australia, and the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas! we also have our interview with Professor I. Nelson Rose about his expert opinions on Black Friday! Also, J Todd makes friends whereve…

  • The Other Shoe Drops

    26 May 2011

    This week’s online gambling news sucks! More fallout from "Black Friday" has resulted in the seizure of ten more domain names from poker rooms, bingo sites, and sports books. Also, major payment processor QuickTender has been forced to shut down and leave customer deposits in question. Plus, affiliate program Best Casino Partner is leaving the market.

  • Poker Pros, Chuck E. Cheese, and the End of the World

    22 May 2011

    This week’s online gambling news included several poker pros as the latest victims of "Black Friday". Plus, some of the stupidest stories we could find… with a Chuck E. Cheese lawsuit and the end of life on this planet!

  • Online Gambling Raids in Costa Rica

    16 May 2011

    Rumors of raids at the Absolute Poker offices in Costa Rica, and big Las Vegas casinos are now in favor of regulating online gambling? Also, J Todd interviews Betfair about the future of online gambling!

  • Black Friday Fallout: APCW Perspectives Weekly for May 6th, 2011

    12 May 2011

    Rumors of layoffs and bankruptcy from at least one online poker site targeted on "Black Friday". Also, ESPN makes plans for this years World Series of Poker.