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  • Rabbit Hunt

    07 May 2011

    Mark and Matt are joined by the man behind the pkrgssp blog, Jeff Walsh, to discuss the latest developments in the world of poker. AP is now looking at bankruptcy, and this throws player funds deeper into question. Also, fresh news about the FS+G leagu…

  • Rabbit Hunt: Black Friday, Part 1

    20 Apr 2011

    In a special episode of Rabbit Hunt, Matt and Mark are joined by CR Coach Matt Matros, Dan Michalski of Pokerati, and gaming and corporate attorney CK to discuss the indictment and what it means for poker players. In part 1 the panel discusses the char…

  • Rabbit Hunt: Black Friday, Part 2

    20 Apr 2011

    In part 2 of the special edition of the Rabbit Hunt, the 5-person panel discuss effects the indictment has on the US poker industry. We look at the current legislation efforts and see whether there is any change of legalization soon, whether the PPA is…

  • Rabbit Hunt: 44

    13 Apr 2011

    Rabbit Hunt comes back from a slow news week hiatus and has plenty to talk about this time. From discussing the new WSOP rematches concept, to debating whether Erik Seidel should be number 1 on The Nuts and whether the WPT should be considered a major …