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  • Bad bet

    10 May 2007

    Has anyone seen this? For those of you who don’t have the INHD channel (which, sadly, doesn’t feature any Robert Wilsonky programming), Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak have a new show oh-so-cleverly called I Bet You. The premise is exactly what you’d expect: They walk around betting thousands of dollars on completely inane bullshit. They […]

  • My dream come true

    30 Apr 2007

    I’m back in Boston, at Pokerati’s New England Bureau, but I can’t stop thinking about Cali (maybe because it’s typically cold and rainy here?). There are a lot of crazy-ass stories from the trip Dan and I took to the City of Angels, and we might even tell you some of them one day (though […]

  • The Bike is run by fascists and sex offenders

    27 Apr 2007

    LOS ANGELES–It’s true. I got booted from the Bike last night. This likely won’t surprise those of you who know me. As for those of you who don’t know me: Hey, I’m Gonz. Here’s what happened: Yesterday afternoon, Dan and I ventured to the Bike to play some cash until the $300 + 35 NL […]

  • Right up Pokerati’s, uh, alley

    14 Sep 2006

    Finally, there’s a place for Dan to play poker and feel comfortable. ComeOutPoker.com claims to be “the world’s first real online poker room and community for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender poker lovers! “ComeOutPoker also boasts the first ever gay poker game, known simply as ComeOut Hold’em. The game is played along the same guidelines […]

  • All you need is a little duck

    23 Aug 2006

    A few years ago, I met NBC reporter Grant Stinchfield when he interviewed me during my run for U.S. Congress. (Yes, I ran for Congress. No, I didn’t win. Yes, I should have.) A few months after that, he interviewed me and Dan for a piece on Dallas poker. Alas, I hadn’t talked to him […]

  • T & Aces

    01 Aug 2006

    So Playboy wants some of the online poker action. Hot chicks and cards? I dunno, Dan, think it will work?

  • Thanks for playing

    25 Jul 2006

    Gambling is a ruthless business, but the fall of BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers has been faster than expected. I was wondering what the online betting/poker sites would do now that the fuzz is after them. I thought they might alter certain curious practices (read: stop flying into the U.S.) or hire more lawyers. Turns out […]

  • Little help?

    24 Jul 2006

    I know this is supposed to be a news-oriented blog, so I won’t tell you about my disappointing finish in the $500 event at Foxwoods this weekend (I’ll save that for the other site). Instead, I’ll ask if any of you have heard of, or seen, or used this software or anything like it. Apparently […]