Prof. I. Nelson Rose

Gaming Law Expert

I. Nelson Rose is an internationally known author and public speaker, and arguably one of the world's leading experts on gambling and gaming law. He is currently a Distinguished Senior Professor at Whittier Law School and a Visiting Professor at the University of Macau. Rose wrote the book on Gambling and the Law (literally, in 1986) and continues to write a syndicated column by the same name.

Posts by Prof. I. Nelson Rose:

  • Lessons from the Insurance Industry

    23 Jun 2013

    Licensed gaming is slowly becoming just another legal business; which is a very good thing. Many of the strangest restrictions in the law arose from centuries of gambling being seen by society, or at least by opinion-leaders and law-makers, as an activity that was simply not respectable.  Gambling debts were unenforceable, and courts would no […]

  • Court Rules Poker Is a Game of Skill, But …

    16 Sep 2012

    A federal judge in New York shook the gaming world in August 2012 by ruling that poker is predominantly a game of skill and therefore not “gambling” under the federal Illegal Gambling Business Act (“IGBA”). The editorial headline from the Christian Science Monitor was typical:  “Misdeal on Internet poker gambling:  A federal court ruling that […]