How to Get Your Non-Poker Playing Friends Into the Game

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Poker is a game for both beginners and experts, but often the experience of joining a couple rounds can be intimidating. If you’ve been itching to have a poker night but don’t have a roster of professionals to play with, we’ve come up with a few tips to help your friends get into the game.

poker home game
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Host a Poker Night at Home

While casinos, online gaming or professional tournaments may intimidate, poker nights at home are one of the best ways to help newcomers learn just how exciting poker can be. You might be able to lure a few friends in with good drinks and delicious snacks, and then teach them the ropes. If you’re planning a poker night soon, make sure to prepare the following pieces of your perfect game night:

  • Player Pool: Who is playing, and what is their skill level? Breaking tables up by beginner and intermediate abilities may help individuals feel more comfortable their first couple hands.
  • Schedule: If your poker nights will be an ongoing initiative, determine the regular time and location—and share those details with attendees.
  • Manage Expectations: Social events are less intimidating if you know exactly what’s going to happen. Set a schedule for attendees, including game time start and stop.
  • Format: What kind of game will you have, and how will you structure the experience? What type of poker are you playing? For example, you may want to start with Blackjack to get people comfortable with playing cards and then move to traditional poker formats like 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud and Texas Hold ‘Em.
  • Stakes: For poker beginners, low stakes often feel more comfortable and encourage nervous participants to join in. As your friends learn the game, consider increasing the stakes for more excitement.

Online Blackjack: 5 Winning Tips for Beginners

by , Sep 29, 2020 | 3:27 pm

With sporting activities cancelled around the globe, online casino games are leveraging the opportunity to boost their popularity. However, new players may find this challenging because there is a considerable difference between traditional local casinos and online gaming sites.

In this article, we provide the top five winning tips and you can find a gambling guide dedicated to helping new players win at online blackjack.

1. Find the Right Online Casino

Once you decide to have a taste of online blackjack, you must find an online gaming site that ticks all the boxes. That’s critical to your success.

While some casinos may offer you more bonuses than others, some may also offer different odds on the game. Some casinos will give you the liberty to play for as long as you wish, while some have a time limit for their players. Once your time is up, you leave. This may constitute a problem if you don’t find the right casino for you.

Thus, you must find a casino that meets your requirements before trying your luck with blackjacks.


Why Do Some Professional Poker Players Live in Thailand?

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What comes to mind when one hears of Thailand? For many, the image is white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, idyllic beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. Thailand is best known for its tourism attraction, perhaps the most popular in all of Asia. This picturesque destination is pulling in professional poker players in droves for several good reasons:

thailand for poker players

Bangkok is a Good Launching Pad

Thailand borders Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. Although money prize poker is restricted in Thailand, it is easily accessible at casinos located on the borders with these countries.  Bangkok is also easy to get to. All major airlines make a stopover when flying to Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Asian Poker Tour circuit comes to Cambodia, Vietnam, and India. Poker players from Thailand are free to participate. Thai national Chane Kampanatsanyakorn participated in the 2014 event, inspiring many other poker players in Thailand to participate in the annual event.

Online Betting 

While gambling is restricted in Thailand, the government is considerate of the allure of gambling for tourism. The laws are not enforced as harshly as in the US or Europe. The expat community has active poker game groups that meet in private parties to play. 

Online gambling is not illegal in Thailand. Nowadays you don’t have to move somewhere to enjoy poker when you can play it online at an online casino. Webet is an upcoming sportsbook and casino in Thailand that has seen growing popularity. Poker players in Thailand can place real money bets on Webet.  There are many other offers on soccer, horse racing, tennis, basketball, and many other games. 


How to Win at Online Poker

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Playing poker online has quickly become one of the internet’s most popular pastimes. Whether you are a regular poker player online or in real life, or you are just starting out, these tips should help you win more games at online poker.

Start by Playing Low Stakes Games

For all level of players, it is a good idea to begin playing online poker with low stakes. Playing low stakes at the start gives you a chance to learn the nuances of online poker playing, and give yourself a chance to see the ‘lay of the land’ before you move on to higher stake games where mistakes will cost you more. It also lets you begin with a smaller bankroll that you can build up before moving to bigger games, so you are playing with your winnings and not your hard-earned cash at the higher stakes tables.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you are an experienced player, you are still going to have to make some adjustments in order to get used to the online poker experience. Most poker players are not used to having to play to enforced time limits. In a real-life poker game, you have time to make decisions and to bank your money, but online there are time constraints you must adhere to, and this can often cause problems for new online players. Make sure you play a lot of games before stepping into higher stakes competitions to get used to the rhythms of online poker.


How to Improve Your Roulette Game

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Roulette is one of the most popular games at casinos like betend of all time. It was invented in France but soon many other countries have adopted their own version of the game. Today, there are more versions of roulette, and the French and the American are the most recognizable form of this casino game. Thanks to online casino games, the popularity of roulette has gone up. More and more people enjoy playing these games because of the high level of excitement and adrenaline-boosting moments that make your heart skip a beat. Watching the roulette wheel spinning up and the down is the image of roulette we all have in our minds when someone mentions this all-time popular casino game.

Online vs Offline Roulette Gaming

Technology has improved the online roulette gaming experience to a high extent. Today, there are many different versions of this game to satisfy all gambling senses, including auditory, visual, and the gaming experience as a whole. The recent news from the online roulette wheel at ???? is that there is a live dealer roulette game. In other words, this game makes roulette appear as realistic as possible, just like sitting on the roulette table in any land-based casino game. Today, there isn’t a land-based casino where poker isn’t played. The same goes for Casimba the latest online casino in the UK. Today, roulette is one of the most popular casino games among gambling fans.


Playing Poker with No Deposit Bonuses

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If you are a poker player or aspiring to be one, grab any no deposit poker bonus you come across because it would be a rare find. Casinos use this free offer to encourage new poker players to kickstart their online careers with no risk. Simply put, this bonus allows a poker player to play for real money without investing their own money. It also targets players who jump at any opportunity to improve their game without spending their hard-earned money.

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The no deposit poker bonus is completely free of cost, but there is a catch: you will have to sign up for an account with the casino to use it. It is how the house wins. You, the player, get a chance to improve your poker game, and the casino gets a potential customer. Once you sign up, the free poker cash is credited to your account, and you are free to play with it with no restrictions. It works a lot like the no deposit free spins bonus casinos extended to slots players.

If you are a slot player looking for a bonus like this, check out this article for a list of the latest no deposit free spins.

How No Deposit Poker Bonuses Work

Casinos and online poker rooms offer free playing cash to attract new players. When you sign up for an account to redeem this bonus, you effectively add to the traffic that flows to the site. Casinos are constantly neck-and-neck competing for new signups. The stiff competition explains why they can afford to give away free playing cash that you can use to play, as you would with your own money.


Japanese Online Casinos that offer Poker

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As Japan continues to progress toward legalization of gambling in all of its many facets, players across the nation are gearing up for some online casino fun.

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Truth is, many Japanese online casino games lovers are already playing poker at foreign-based online casino sites. Many of the world’s foremost online casino sites provide Japanese language and payment options, with the vast majority of these boasting a wealth of poker options.

Indeed, poker might just be the most popular card game for online gamers. The thrills and fun that a game of poker provides simply can’t be found with any other game. No wonder Japanese players love to play poker! Players looking for great Japanese online casinos can check out this website.

In this article, we will take a look at the top Japanese online casinos that offer poker. From sites specializing in online poker to those setting new trends in the field, we will look at them all here.


Best Casinos in Canada That Have Poker Rooms

by , Jul 13, 2020 | 12:48 am

Canada’s extravagant poker scene is pretty fantastic. It does not matter if you are new to poker and want to go for smaller stakes, or you are a Vegas poker champ with hard-core experience and a hunger for poker money. You will get some incredible casinos that have poker rooms in Canada. 

Here are top Casinos in Canada that have rich poker rooms – 

1. Casino Regina 

A 1996 Casino situated in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada is largely considered to be one of the greatest poker rooms in the whole of Western Canada. It opens every day from noon till 4 in the morning and offers a weekly poker tournament on every Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

The poker dealers at Casino Regina are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the game, and they make sure that you always have an entertaining time at your poker table. Additionally, you may earn Players Club Points by give playing the Players Club card to our Poker Manager. You can also get free membership by visiting the Players Club Desk. 

The poker room requires players to be over 19 years. The toom hosts poker tournament sessions such as the Diamond Poker Classic, Harvest Poker Classic, and the Station Poker Classic. Recently, the room hosted Diamond Poker Classic that has four tournaments. Neil Anderson won out of 99 runners and won prize money of C$27,849 ($21,535).


How to become a successful Poker gamer

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Poker is a one-pack game. It’s any number of card games where the players lay odds over which hand is the best according to the specific game rules more alike to the rankings. Video poker is a video game where there is a single-player video game that operates similarly to slot machines. Most of the video machines play draw poker, where the player bets, a hand is dealt, and the player can discard and replace cards. Payout is dependent on the side, resulting after the draw and the player’s initial bet.

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Poker gaming can offer a long-term advantage to a skilled player because it is played against other players and not against the house. The casino usually takes a rake (commission) or a time charge. Although the degree of difficulty in casinos vary, a poker player can win enormously from the game takeover to cover the rake and the profits. Profits margin also depends on the rake level and not necessarily the skills that the player is maybe possessing but the opposition’s weakness.

Poker playing is also advantageous compared to the other casino games where it is against the house as the in-house team has no evident interests in the poker game outcomes. When a poker player is well experienced and experienced, he enjoys the freedom as it is hard for him to be banned by the casinos.

Some of the online poker games include Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, seven-card Stud, Razz, Omaha Hi-Lo, 2-7 Triple draw, Chinese Poker, Horse, and Badugi. To stake on such games, visit sites on video poker games and experience the fantastic world of poker gaming. Let’s get to discuss some of the popular poker games.


Just How Much Luck Is Involved with Poker?

by , Jun 10, 2020 | 2:46 am

Luck versus skill is one of the most talked-about subjects in the world of Poker, but in most cases, arguments are based purely on a sole personal opinion.

Few people who assert that luck is more important than skill (or vice-versa) will take the time to break down the micro elements of Poker that lead to victory, and their ratios of luck to skill.

On the most basic level, those elements are: the cards dealt, the game type, the calibre of opposition, and the experience needed to vanquish said opposition…

Cards Dealt 

( >50% Skill – ratios vary between disciplines)

Assuming a level playing field, the cards dealt are mostly luck based, but only in the short term. This is an opinion reflected famously in 2016 by a well-renowned micro stakes Poker player Nathan Williams (alias: ‘BlackRain79’), who stated in his personal blog:

Poker is 100% a game of skill in the long run. However there is a large element of luck in the short term. Professional poker players mitigate the luck aspect by consistently making mathematically superior decisions and therefore winning in the long run.”

The implication from this – along with similar assertions – is that as games progress, the element of skill becomes more apparent. So too does the psychological warfare associated with high stakes live games, which further contributes to the luck/skill ratio’s already-volatile nature.

In any case, the ratio of luck to skill largely depends on the type of Poker being played. Texas Hold-Em, for instance might have an average ratio of about 70/30 in favour of skill, whereas games like Five-Card Stud demand less of an ability to ‘read’ the opposition, thereby putting the ratio of luck to skill close to, perhaps, just 60/40 in favour of skill.

While luck undoubtedly plays its part, however much or little, the best are ‘the best’ for a reason. This leads to valid arguments that the tilt in favour of luck is far lower than many people believe, even in types of Poker where the player has less control over their fate.

Opposition Quality 

( <40% Luck, >60% Skill)

The calibre of a player’s opponent further clouds the mythical ‘true’ ratio of luck to skill involved in card dealing across all types of Poker, in addition to other types of games, such as those found on which involve some form of opposition.


Play Poker, Have Fun and Earn More

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We have known the meaning of odds, betting and what sports betting in particular means. To reiterate betting is taking chances to see if our prediction has become successful. This website and many others on the internet have been successful in helping their users earn a lot of money. Today, we will also look at physical poker and see what makes it different from online betting and which ones are preferable. 

Casinos are one of the prime ways of making money easily.

As discussed in my previous writing, we play the odds when we bet and this sort of okra is most preferred in casinos. Let me explain how these places work. At a casino, there are many types of betting games; the basic ones are Slot Machines. These are machines which host several types of games. The players insert coins in the machine and start the game and it usually takes 30 seconds for the results to come. If the player wins, the machine discharges the winning amount and if the player loses, the coin inserted is taken in by the machine.

One of the most famous types of slot-machine is the three-reel slot machine. In this machine, the display shows a set of three different spinning reels containing a total of five symbols. The most commonly used symbols are horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a Liberty Bell. The three reels have these symbols arranged in a random pattern and when the player starts the game, the reels all roll for some time and then come to a standstill. Once the reels stop spinning, depending on the combination of the symbols the player gets paid some amount which is pre-decided by the casino owners.

A lucky draw is won when all the three reels show the same symbol and again depending on the symbol that comes, the player will win a varying amount.


Poker Strategy Guide: Back to the Beginning

by , May 7, 2020 | 6:30 pm

Poker is not a complicated game. In a matter of minutes, you can learn the basic rules and understand which hands are the best. That’s the easy part. It is the mastery of your style of play (and turning poker into a source of income) that can take a lifetime.

New players need to know that it is important to keep a balance between the fun of playing poker and the significant losses they can suffer if they don’t know what they are doing. How to become the next poker star? Here are five tips for beginner poker strategy.

Tip # 1: Be more aggressive than you would like to be.

In poker, the only way to win is to bet, and the only way to win a lot is to bet a lot. Poker is a game of concentrated and timed aggressiveness. As you master the basic rules of the game, you will learn that you will need to increase aggressiveness at the table.

Novice players are often too cautious. They check when they should bet and call when they should raise. In strong hand starts, such as high pairs or AK or AQ, you should play more aggressively than you think is correct. These cards are great to start with, so you’ll want to make sure, in a game with a table full of opponents, that you put pressure on players with worse cards or force them to pay to keep playing. There is nothing worse than wasting a pair of kings for someone who has passed before the flop with 8-4, miraculously getting a straight and beating you. Make them pay to see those cards and drive as many players as possible out of the pot as soon as you can. With six people to the pot, you have a probability of winning of only 17%. With only two people for the boat, it shoots up to 50%.

The worst thing about playing cautiously is that the rest of the players will identify you as the weakest player. If you hardly ever bet or raise, the stronger players will push you, as they know you will give in to the pressure. If you go big, players will immediately know that you have a strong hand and everyone will fold, which will reduce the amount obtained. You can play Trusted online poker (poker online terpercaya) game

Remember that aggressive play is the basis for creating big pots. If you have a winning hand, your best bet will be to squeeze the table and get as much as you can. This is what makes poker fun and exciting.


World Poker Tour DeepStacks Montreal Update

by , Mar 3, 2020 | 9:52 pm

Playground’s 2020 schedule is complemented by the WPTDeepStacks date in mid-April.

Perhaps the most prestigious mid-major tournament in poker, DeepStacks is always exciting and ‘stacked’ with impressive play.

This year’s event is loaded with CAD. The WPTDeepStacks Montreal Main event is guaranteed $1,000,000.00. This portion of the tournament starts on April 12th with the online poker party.

The WPTDeepStacks Opener is shelling out $500,000.00 with unlimited re-entry and kicks off on the 16th of April with a day of online play. We’ll see the first at-at games if the Main Event on April 22nd.

In addition to all of the satellite action for the main event, we’ll also see the Playground 200 with a $200 + 20 buy-in that guarantees $100,000.00 in payouts and starts in the morning on April 19th. There are six other events that will take place, one at the beginning of the series, and five towards the end:

  • Freeze – April 16th $25,000.00
  • Day 1 WPTDeepStacks High Roller – April 25th, $200,000.00
  • 50/50 Bounty – April 26th, $25,000.00
  • Pot Limit Omaha – April 26th, $15,000.00
  • 6-Max – April 27th, $25,000.00
  • 8-Max – April 27th, $25,000.00

So, as you can see, there will be a ton of action at Playground Poker in Montreal this April. The entire field is yet to be determined so you should start practicing your poker at the top sportsbooks now and perhaps you can win some satellite tournaments to qualify for this massive Montreal event.

Let’s break down the principal events a bit further.

The WPTDeepStacks Opener is a $500 + $50 with seven starting flights. As mentioned above, the total prize money is a massive half-million dollars and with unlimited re-entry, those with enough cash to buy back in have extra opportunity to take home a large chunk of money.


The Highest Earning Poker Players Right Now

by , Feb 19, 2020 | 12:04 am

We never for once thought that people could actually make a living from playing poker games on online casinos and land-based as well. Well, if you put in the right effort, research and skill you can end up joining the millionaire poker players club.

Justin Bonomo
Justin Bonomo. (Image: WSOP)

Here is a group of the richest poker players right now you could take notes from.

Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney made his biggest win of over 20 million US dollars at the Triton Million just from one game alone! To make it more interesting, he did not even finish 1st, rather, he was 3rd. However, he is not an overnight success story. Kenny began his poker career in 2007. He went on to win the World Series of Poker bracelet in 2014.

After, it all seems to be going uphill for the American poker star as he has ended up in the top 5 of numerous games. You can also visit choice online casino slots to learn more about other types of legal casino games similar to poker.

Bryn Kenney is worth a Massive US55 million from playing poker only.

Justin Bonomo

Bonomo might just go on to top the richest poker player list if keeps moving at his pace. The 32-year-old is worth about 45 million dollars from poker matches.

His major winning was from the World Tournament $1million Big One for One drop. This is where Bonomo won US$10 million.

After, seems to be in a million scooping frenzy from almost if not all the major poker matches he plays.

Daniel Negreanu

This Canadian poker player is the richest and most famous poker player in both online casino and land based casino poker rooms. However, we are not sure if he also participates in online sports betting or sports gambling.

Famously known as kid Poker, Negreanu has won six World Series of Poker bracelets. To top it off, he has played 38 final table matches and has cashed 108 times.

Therefore this validates his induction in the Poker Hall of Fame back in 2014.

According to analysts, Negreanu is good at reading his opponents, which is mostly the whole idea of poker games. Keeping a poker face and seeing through the next person.

How to Find the Best Casino Wagering

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Regardless if you play any particular slot or online casino game, wagering requirements will usually come into the picture. For everyone about to select a welcome bonus, there is quite some terms and conditions to read since wagering is seldom mentioned. Luckily, there are places out there that can help giving advice about the best casino wagering. Below are some suggestion how to find a fair bonus and wager requirements when about to sign up to a new site.

Two Aces casino poker

Where to find good casino wagering?

The increasing amount of online casinos makes it harder to quickly find an appropriate site to play at. The available offers might also differ heavily between regions and countries where you live. There are not so many legal alternatives for American players yet, but in the coming years the situation might change quickly. For Canadian players though, the options are almost as many as in Europe where the online casino market is booming and becoming more mature. Our reflections indicate that mature markets such as the UK, Sweden and Finland got the lowest wagering requirements for casino players.

While the worldwide market is developing, the innovative new bonus focused site is gaining traction for all regions. Since many casino players are annoyed about high wagering requirements, we are glad to see a site with user’s best interest in mind.

Finding a fair wagering requirement is after all one of the most important parts of a casino bonus. Many people don’t even accept a bonus today because of unreasonable wagering rules. Then the second factor to consider is which and how good return to player (RPT) the game with bonus spins got. Many games today from NetEnt and Microgaming offer above 97% RTP, which gives great wagering opportunities for players.

Some great bonuses are often given out at tournaments and seasonal casino competitions. While the rules may very heavily, the advantage might be that you can find lower wagering requirements when attending. In the end, any wager below 25 times should be considered a fair bonus that’s worth taking. However, if the bonus is having 26 times wagering or above it’s usually a waste of time to even bother accepting the bonus.

Pokerati noticed that many casino operators still are rather unclear about their rules and accept players they shouldn’t. We also see that many are starting to get penalties or warnings for this behavior which we think have to come to an end soon. Ladbrokes got a heavy fine over allowing wagering for problem gamblers. Regulators seems to crack down on this type of behaviour and more casino brands can expect getting penalties for having confusing or vague rules and terms and conditions. In the coming years, an increasing amount of rules will likely force casinos to clearly write out all wagering conditions already in the content next to the offer.

Not sure about what wagering in a casino context means? explains wagering requirements in one of their recent posts. After all, if you are not sure about what it means it could be worth to read up.