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Darvin Moon Signed

Sponsor-resistant November Niner selling out to Heartland Poker Tour?

by , Mar 9, 2011 | 8:11 pm

Darvin Moon stood out among the ’09 November Nine not for the play that got him 2nd place (and $5.2 million) … but because he stood alone. The logger who had never been on a “big airplane” before the WSOP refused to accept upwards of a half million dollars to simply wear a patch for the likes of Full Tilt, PokerStars, or anyone else … because, basically he didn’t wanna be anyone’s bitch. (I’m paraphrasing, of course.)

But soon to be announced and official, the hapless poker multimillionaire from western Maryland has apparently caved — signing a deal with the Heartland Poker Tour to serve as their “ambassador” and wear HPT gear in all tourneys, including the WSOP.

This comes from a plenty reliable source; however, said source would not confirm (nor deny!) that Darvin Moon is near-broke and thus rethinking his aversion to wearing poker-related patches … but did confirm that no poker agents were involved in signing the agreement.

Moon, of course, was the unsignable runner-up at the 2009 WSOP … making him pretty much the opposite of Dennis Phillips, and the only November Niner ever not to be patched up at the main event final table. He also snubbed the WSOP this past November by turning down repeated invitations to be part of 2010 November Nine festivities in Las Vegas, opting instead to play a $1k HPT event at the Meskwaki Casino Bingo Hotel in Tama, Iowa.

One of my favorite fights with Katkin is on the value of Darvin Moon as a sponsored player. I dig the dude as a character … and consider him good for … nay, great extra=solid for poker — while Katkin (clearly stuck in his ’06-’07ish glory-days poker-world mindset) I think believes his donk play and non-pro, non-online nature make him the wrong guy for the WSOP to celebrate in their commercials. To which I say … hater.

Washington, Mizrachi?

Poker’s all-in moment

by , Dec 9, 2010 | 6:05 am

No matter what side you’re on in the heated Harry Reid online poker non-debate … the emotional ups and downs attached to it (for some) were rather unprecedented yesterday … at least as far as poker politics go.

But actually we’ve seen it before, just last month in fact …

Exhilaration, anticipation, deflation, uncertainty, recalculating your outs with survival on the line … it was enough to get hearts beating worldwide. That’s just poker, right? But hey, now we know … regardless of who sees whom as the Grinder in Washington DC, with some luck and cards still to play, we should be good for a 5th place finish.

Meet WSOP Champion Jonathan Duhamel

by , Nov 10, 2010 | 5:41 pm

While we get all caught up with life here at Pokerati, you may want to begin getting to know your latest 20something super-champion, which has me wondering … when will be the next time we see a WSOP main event winner who is old enough to rent a car?

Eastgate (22), Cada (21), Duhamel (23) …

Fire up Your Kindles (for Poker)

by , Oct 4, 2010 | 4:57 am

Is that what they’re called now? Kindle, like stuff you burn? I’ve never read more than a chapter of a “virtual book” before. Maybe one of these days Pauly will figure out how to hawk an audiobook version of his tale of a wayward poker media making the annual desert pilgrimage for poker’s version of the Hajj.

Until then, coming very soon, like in less than a week, your second favorite Tao of Pokerati podcaster is going all iPad prior to going iPod:

If you still want an old-fashioned paper version of the most read and most talked about book of the 2010 WSOP, go here.

WSOP Power Patches

Team Pokerati, ESPN, Loudmouth, and Tao of Pokerati

by , Sep 3, 2010 | 5:51 pm

More multimedia for your Friday … Team Pokerati got some good lovin’ on ESPN this week. Good thing, too, because The Big Randy would fail to deliver on his patch-wearing duties early on Day 4 when he happened to be sitting next to Michael Mizrachi … have a quick listen to step back in WSOP-time when Pauly and I seemed to have a certain prescience about both patches and Mizrachis starting to mean something:

Tao of Pokerati
Episode 64: Big Head Randy and the Min-Cashers – Dan and Pauly hang out at the Bad Beat bar and wonder if they are coolers? Or if the Big Randy had busted out because he was not wearing a Pokerati patch. Yes, the Big Randy busted before the money bubble. The discussion shifts to the bubble strategy for PokerStars qualifiers who also have a PCA package riding on the line along with the min-cash.

Fortunately, team captain Tom didn’t disappoint (anyone but himself and his family). Schneider showed up on ESPN this week, playing the main event on the outermost feature table, and for a surprisingly funny bit with him and fellow Team Pokerati-er Julie Schneider, as Norman Chad tries to learn about cooking and/or what makes a poker marriage work:

Be sure to check out Pauly’s post about this episode — scroll down to Day in the Life of the DonkeyBomber and Pancakes with Angry Julie — for some decidedly Tao take on Tom and his Loudmouth living.


Where’d They All Come From?

Online sites, satellites don’t explain bigger numbers in 2010

by , Aug 24, 2010 | 9:16 am

Jon Katkin

The Poker Economy


For 99.99987 percent of the players in this year’s events, the 2010 WSOP has come to a close. Some were winners and many more were losers. And, for nine lucky combatants, there’s still one more long day of poker left to play before someone claims the game’s most prestigious title and poker’s second-largest payday ever.

As tonight’s television coverage of the Main Event (ESPN 9p ET) moves past the massive Day 1 fields and more and more players see their WSOPs come to an end, I just have to wonder: Where did they all come from?

After a slow start, the 2010 WSOP finished strong, enticing 72,966 players total to Las Vegas to play in 57 separate events — a 20 percent increase over 2009’s record-setting figure of 60,875. And it wasn’t just the smaller events that benefitted. After hitting a high-water mark in 2006 with 8,773 entrants and a prize pool worth more than $82.5 million, the Main Event contracted over the next three years, attracting no more than 6,844 players for the big dance. Until this year, that is.

The best guess is that live satellites account for about 15 percent of the Main Event field. Combined with the online qualifiers, that means roughly 40 percent paid something less than $10k to play in the tournament, which seems about right. Still, that means that about 60 percent (roughly 4,400) of the players coughed up $10K each for their seats at the WSOP tables.

According to the WSOP’s official figures, 7,319 players took part in this year’s $10,000 Main Event. That’s 825 more people than who played in 2009, or an increase of nearly 9 percent. Now I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty impressive, especially in today’s economy where nearly 10 percent of the general public in the US is out of work and Europe is struggling to keep countries like Greece and Ireland from going completely bankrupt under the weight of huge budget deficits.

All of which, again, begs the question, where on Earth did all these players come from?


Even More WSOP License Plates

by , Aug 10, 2010 | 10:47 pm

You can’t be sure from the 7-max tags that these guys play poker … but factor in when and where they were spotted — Rio, WSOP — and yeah … someone we know probably knows at least one of these guys … and depending how big they play, may have helped pay for the car.

License Plate Scandal at the Rio?

by , Aug 8, 2010 | 10:41 am

Got an email the other day from an entity @WickedChops … a pic of a distinctly pokery license plate, taken “w/ iPhone before leaving WSOP from players parking lot where RVs were”, to which I thought cool, thanks, awesome! gahdammit you always gotta be showing off with your fancy photography and special rail-girl cameras …

Then I saw the plate and thought, pfft, dude we so already got that one … but it is a nicer pic, I guess. Just an iPhone, really?

Then I went back to the original post about this specific license plate, also spotted at the Rio during the WSOP, shortly before the main event … and WTF?


The Layne Flack of South Dakota

by , Aug 7, 2010 | 10:41 am

Seen on one of the Day 1s at the 2010 main event in the WSOP valet lot …

Corvette-ness makes the hedline seem plausible. Would have to cross-reference Clark County impound records with arrest reports from Las Vegas Metro to be sure … and though the presence of stripper-glitter in the passenger seat could be a telltale sign, windows were too tinted to be certain.

UPDATE: Or you could just check Wikipedia … to be reminded that Layne Flack does indeed hail from the state that some people consider the Oklahoma of Nebraska.

Poker Plated: Aggressive Californian

by , Aug 4, 2010 | 7:49 pm

Some of us know this type at the tables all too well … my read:

He comes to the table plenty-well bankrolled and plays what first appears to be a loose-aggressive game. But just when you think you’ve sniffed out a big bluff — hey, he doesn’t have a Porsche, that’s just a license plate frame! — turns out you were right, kinda. It’s not the nut Porsche as represented … but he does still have a Range Rover, which is better than your set of kings.


Dude banks on lesser drivers letting him get there. Also knows how to run over a table.

Rumorati: Harrah’s Sale of the Rio Complete

New home for 2011 WSOP almost 100 percent unofficially semi-confirmed

by , | 3:42 pm

UPDATE: Little of what’s below, if any, is accurate. [Link]

The end of an era is upon us … with Harrah’s finally selling the Rio — that horrendous dump of a property at 3700 W. Flamingo Rd. that reminds us how quickly Las Vegas luxe can deteriorate …

But also a place that the World Series of Poker and so many of us connected to it have long called home — at least for most of our 21st century summers.

More details TK.

Credit @LasVegasMichael for getting the pseudo-confirmation and other info as it emerges.

Our extra-reliable sources at Pokerati confirm as much. Everyone knew it was coming, but supposedly the actual sale went down yesterday. To “one of those name name and ampersand venture capital companies.”

I’ve long held that Caesar’s would be the most likely new home of the brick-and-mortar equivalent of CaesarsCasino and CaesarsBingo dot coms. But early word without having talked directly to all those people we know extremely well and would be the ones who actually do know … Planet Hollywood … that will be the new home.

Again, all of this technically unconfirmed, but place your bets on the wherabouts of the 2011 WSOP-Ho here.

License to Floor It?

by , Aug 3, 2010 | 3:28 pm

Trying to remember where in town I spotted this one … hard to tell from the distorted reflection on the trunk. Doesn’t look like the Rio … but regardless, have a feeling that if I’m not following this Lexus on Flamingo, I probably am on twitter.

Real question for Nevada DMV: When will we be able to include an @ sign on a personalized plate? Could make a diff for @POK’TI. Please forward to state-gov suggestion box.

Coming Down from the WSOP

The Poker Beat

by , Jul 29, 2010 | 8:06 pm

Getting caught up and back in the swing of things — slowly but surely — so what better way than to listen to the most recent episode of The Poker Beat?

The Poker Beat: July 22, 2010

Rookie twitterer @GaryWise1 took his turn in Capt. Huff’s chair as @BJNemeth and @JessWelman panel-bantered about:

  • The pre-markup hearing in DC with Annie Duke
  • Make-up of the 2010 November Nine
  • The value, if any, of poker agents — and how the WSOP accommodates them during the main event
  • BJ’s philosophical non-dilemma over coverage of Matt Affleck’s emotional bustout *
  • The difference between poker media and poker journalism
  • The Year of Mizrachi and the accidental WTF? of the current WSOP Player of the Year scoring system
  • Annette Obrestad’s B- performance
  • The 3-headed Monster of Team WSOP without @JeffreyPollack
  • WSOP numbers and final table times

* great explanation, BJ. But question … Is there any discernable line where the “field of play” in poker begins, and ends?

Other episode-relevant links:

The Redemption of Matt Affleck by Gary Wise
The Long, Lonely Walk of Matt Affleck by Howard Swains (with photos by Joe Giron)

Next ep coming tomorrow. Play along in the PokerRoad forums.

Youngest Final Table Ever?

Gen Y domination

by , Jul 18, 2010 | 10:42 am

Surely it’s got to be, right? And maybe not just for main events … I wouldn’t be surprised if this represents the youngest final table ever — for any WSOP event in history! One of the youngest five, for sure, I’ll virtually guarantee.

Eight 20somethings and one Gen-Xer (who happens to be the second shortest stack):


It seems the most prescient pre-game analysis might have come from a non-poker media source … specifically Time Magazine’s Dan Kadlec, whose article (“World Series of Poker: Attack of the Math Brats“, 28 June 2010) is now up online for those of you who didn’t get to read it in full when it first came out.

The November Nine Class of ’10 includes only two players who were 21 or older when Chris Moneymaker did his thing at age 27.

Morning Close

Tao of Pokerati

by , | 6:59 am

We were right … a Nguyen made the final table, as statistically we knew one would … of course there was no way AK was going to catch up with Matthew Jarvis’ QQ.

Episode 77: The 5:41am Finale – After an exhausting evening, Dan and Pauly capture the 10th place elimination in the Main Event as Brandon Steven bubbles off the final table. The November Nine is finally set and you get to hear the celebration going on the background as everyone rushed the stage.

Shortly after we uploaded the above episode, I stepped outside for a little perspective … and found some … with a bit more than I was expecting for an early morning close: