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TOC Alternatives

Tao of Pokerati

by , Jul 4, 2010 | 1:48 pm

Is somebody winning the TOC? Do we care? Not saying I won’t be watching it once it gets edited down for TV, but I thought we were supposed to be at a final table by now, not down to 17 10. With more than a week of retrospective and a third of the field eliminated remaining, the preferable alternatives for the 2011 WSOP seem obvious:

a) Hold the TOC at the very beginning of the WSOP, under some premise like who’s gonna kick off the Series with a little extra freeroll juice?

b) Hold the TOC during the November Nine. Add a little Harrah’s-branded excitement to that week, ya know, and give top pros a reason to make sure they’re part of it all? Also would give some eligible winners a chance to qualify while their stock is hot …

With this and three other final tables going on today … WTF happened to that “day off” we were promised?

Episode 44: TOC Rubbernecking


Dan showed up to the Rio super early for a Sunday just in case the the DOJ decided to bust Full Tilt honchos Howard Lederer and Jesus Ferguson. Pauly compared his morbid fascination of the potential perp walk to watching a NASCAR race in order to see a big wreck.

Episode 45: Bad Beat Bar WTF!


Dan and Pauly recap the brief events of Day 1 of the TOC, and the slight confusion surrounding the change in schedule.

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